Carefully Bluff The Card

How to Do Card Bronze Finish

In recent years, a few new finishes have become available for the card bronze finish. Previously there was only one type of finish available – oil rubbed. Today, you have three choices, Acrylic, Chrome and Oil Rubbed Bronze. Each one has its own benefits and drawbacks, so you should understand these in order to choose the finish that is right for your card.

Acrylic is a very nice looking finish to use on your card. It looks good, but it’s a little more work than oil rubbed bronze agen poker. If you decide to use acrylic, make sure that you have the skills to complete the finish. It can be very frustrating to use the wrong tool to get an incorrect finish. The last choice is water based acrylic. These types of finishes look best if you want to add a textured effect to your card or if you’ve already applied the oil rubbed effect.

The next choice is chrome. This is also a nice finish to use on card bronze. You should keep in mind that there are differences between oil rubbed bronze and chrome, so be careful when applying the finish. If you are not confident with your application skills, opt for another option.

Oil rubbed bronze is a popular option for those who prefer a matte finish on their card. To use this finish, you must first prepare your card so that the finish will sit correctly. If you’ve already cleaned your card, this shouldn’t be a problem. Simply spray the bronze with rubbing alcohol and wipe away the excess. If you are using a fresh piece of card, simply dip it into the rubbing alcohol and gently massage the area you’ve covered with the bronze.

First Prepare Your Card Correctly

To apply the finish, first melt some of the wax in a sauce pan. Once the wax has melted, pour it over the card making sure it all overlaps by about an inch. Make sure the entire card is covered by the wax.

Then, remove the wax and cool the card until it’s just below room temperature. Use a double boiler or microwave to heat up the water based acrylic until it reaches about 80 percent hardness. The water based acrylic will look best as a stand-alone finish, while oil-based finishes work well with card backs and other accessories.

Pour the oil or wax onto the card until it stands out but not fully cover the card. You should have around two inches of space from top to bottom for a finished result. Next, use a small round brush to wet down the entire card so it is damp enough to stick to the card, but not so wet that the candle drips. Work the brush slowly in a circular motion to make sure the candle is even across the surface of the card.

Once the entire card is covered in wax, carefully buff the card until the finish has fully dried. If you find any imperfections in the finished product, gently tap the card on the table and remove the imperfection with a small toothbrush. Let the card dry overnight to get the last of the shine out of the bronze. Then, wash and dry the jewelry or use a neutral cleaner as instructed on the container.