A 2BHK Indian Home Tour & Makeover

A 2BHK Indian Home Tour & Makeover

Having a baby is a big moment in the life of any and every person – it can be life altering and all consuming, it brings families closer and intensifies the love between the parents. To make this moment even more memorable and special the father decided to surprise the mother and the baby with a completely new and renovated home. That is where Pallavi came in with her magic wand and in a span of 4 months (while the new mom was at her parents home) completely transformed this small cozy Indian flat.

Here are 2 videos of the transformation this house underwent.

The living room makeover blew me away. It truly is amazing to see how a few small changes can make a house look so well put together. There is a cohesive design theme that now runs through the dining and living area – the lotus motif, the colours, the laminates used and the overall design theme the room follows is now all beautifully cohesive.

The living room makeover of this Indian home, with before and afters :

The complete home tour of the done up Indian home :

The bedroom tour was my favourite and the baby room with special elements like the fathers chair stole my heart, both rooms are so cozy, calm and well designed. I also enjoyed learning how small passages in our home can be designed well and also planned well so as to provide most utility while looking pretty.

All I can say is that of all the home tours that I have done, this one was truly special, just because the sentiment behind it was so special. We do wish the new parents and the baby all the love and luck in the world, and thank you for allowing me into your home.

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