Ma Ki Almari Se : Ma’s Green Saree

Sarees And Stories : Ma Ki Almaari Se

The reason I started #makialmarise is to preserve and pickle family stories, memories and memrobilia, so that my children and their children can know exactly where they came from and so that they can feel the love I have for them long after I am gone.


So I am starting the series by proclaiming my eternal love affair with the saree. I love sarees, something so elegant and ethereal about them.

Saree Story

This saree belongs to my mother Malti. It was sometime in 1984-1985, she was a young army wife posted in Udhampur. I was about 2 years old then and she must have been about the age I am now (how time flies). I have a very vague patchy memory of Udhampur. It was a picturesque place, tall beautiful trees and a vibrant stream of water that was sometimes peaceful and at other times it elegantly engulfed the giant rocks that lined its periphery.

I also remember accompanying my mother to the tiny little local market, with the prettiest red clips in my hair. Another distinct memory from Udhampur was the birth of my sister, Aditi. I don’t really remember seeing my sister but I do remember seeing my mother lying on the hospital bed and I remember eating her hospital breakfast before proceeding to my school.

Anyway, back to the saree…


So when my mother found out that one of the army wives was travelling to Srinagar for a bit, she requested her to get a saree for her. This green one was one of a few that my mother chose from. She remembers there being a pale blue one exactly like this green saree.

My mom picked the green, she paid about Rs200 for the beautiful Srinagar silk saree and got it home with her. She put the fall and prepped the saree but she does not really remember wearing it, maybe because she was pregnant with my sister. Ma does not seem to remember too well.


I love love this saree, inspite of the fact that it has a few tiny stains on it, from sitting in her almari too long or from moving around in trunks from one posting to another. I have worn this saree a couple of times, in two very different and distinct styles and I cannot wait to wear it again and again.

Something so special wearing ma’s sarees no? I feel like I am engulfed in her endless love for me.




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