An Indian Home Tour : A Tour Of Pallavi’s Beautiful Home & Store

A Beautiful Indian Home Tour

I have known Pallavi for about 4 years now and, like any friendship, we have had our ups and downs. There were times when we met every week and then we lost touch for so long. But then some friendships are such that you can just pick things up from where you left them and everything feels easy. Such is our friendship..

4 years ago Pallavi had a very teeny tiny store in one corner of the city and even within that small space she did a lot. I could see so much creativity bursting out of the store. I could tell that her head was full of ideas, all she needed was a space where she could let loose.

Indian Home Tour DIY Home decor ideas

That space she found, that space is now Fulcrum Concepts In Pune. It is a 2 bedroom flat in Pune which Pallavi has converted into a store. The moment you step out of the lift, you know exactly which house to turn towards. There is an old door that greets you and beckons you to step inside the cozy space that Fulcrum is.

It feels like walking into a home that has been decorated with love, care and attention to detail. I would not expect anything less from Pallavi, since I know this space, with every tiny detail has existed in her head for years, it was just a matter of time and opportunity.

Indian Home Tour DIY Home decor ideas

Indian Home Tour Video

Pallavi let me into her store with my camera and all my clumsiness, to film her home, her dream, her store. This is a home tour like no other. You can watch the store tour video below, and if you do, promise to tell me what you liked the most :)

Indian Home Tour DIY Home decor ideas

Pallavi is having a Christmas Carnival at her store Fulcrum Concepts in Pune from 7-17 December 2017 and if you are in Pune then this is the perfect opportunity to meet Pallavi and experience her store and many more brands, including Ek Dori and Maharani Baug

Fulcrum Is having a Christmas Carnival from 7-17 December, 2017

If you are in Pune, you must visit, it promises to be a warm and cozy affair with tons of pretty things, from home decor to preserves, body scrubs, candles, Ek Dori apparel and Maharani Baug jewellery.

So make sure you visit


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