Where To Buy Kurtas Online

Buying Kurtas Online? Here Are My Picks


If there is one piece of clothing that has become a staple in every modern Indian woman’s wardrobe, it is the kurta. I am not one to make random statements; my opinion is backed by solid proof – proof from Google. Did you know that ‘kurta for women’, ‘buy kurta online’ and ‘buy kurtis online’ are some of the most searched terms by women shoppers in India. Well, the proof is in the pudding.


So I thought, instead of letting you rely on the random search results that Google might throw at you, why not give you my favourite picks for buying kurtas online, for the festive season that is here upon us.


While doing my research for the article I came across some fabulous W kurtas. Ok, I know what you are thinking, W is synonymous with work wear and they are awesome at it. W kurtas, kurtis, palazzo pants and trousers are staples in my work wardrobe. So imagine my delight when I came across some spectacular kurtas from W for the festivities season too.


2 of my favourite kurtas from W’s festive and wedding season range are this pink one

17AU17238-59380 – beautiful colour, stunning print and the right amount of bling and this white one – so serenely ethereal with an old world charm that cannot be put in words.


They don’t just have amazing kurtas for women; they also have delightful palazzos and skirts to pair the kurtas with. This pink skirt is exactly what I had been looking for this season – the pink and gold make for such a striking combination that the outfit needs nothing else, wear it with a crop top or a plain kurta and you are set.


If you like to have some fun with your clothes then this off white skirt with its quirky border is just fantastic.


So W has definitely gone above and beyond workwear for me. Let me know what your favourite picks are when it comes to shopping online for kurtas.

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