Home Decor India : Mrs. Renu Bhardwaj’s Beautiful Indian Home Tour

Home Tour Of A Beautiful Indian Home : Indian Home Decor Ideas

I love doing home tours and you seem to enjoy them too. Walking into someones home is like taking a peek into their lives, their loves, their passions, memories, travels and so much more. Today I take you into the warm and loving home of Renu Bhardwaj.

Renuji is a beautiful, warm and generous soul, she reminds me of sunshine and her energy is so bright and positive that it manages to get everything around her glow.

Needless to say, her home is gorgeous – it is the purest reflection of her and her creative genius. Every little piece in her house has an interesting story behind it, it has a memory attached to it, nothing in her house is meaningless or futile, everything has a purpose and that purpose is to bring joy and happiness into her life and into the life of any person that is privileged enough to enter her home.

Home Decor India

Renu aunty is a Kashmiri and a proud Army wife, she has travelled the country and lived in its various states, she has imbibed and absorbed the cultures and managed to harmoniously bring them together in her home. She also is extremely creative herself – she paints, she cooks, she loves good music and I won’t be surprised if she sings as well. I have to tell you that I was in her lovely home for a couple of hours atlas and throughout that duration there was sweet soul stirring music playing in the background, maybe you can here it in parts of the video. There were fragrant flowers, beautiful music, interesting stories wherever we looked, yummy food and the warmth of her smile – I felt like I was transported into a different world.

In this video I take you inside Renuji’s beautiful home and tell you the stories behind every corner and every inch of her creative space. There are plenty of home decor tips, tricks and ideas hidden everywhere, just watch and enjoy.

Home Decorating Ideas

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