Gymwear Everywhere With Swarovski

If you follow me on Instagram, you know that I love my fitness as much as I love fashion. Working out is a necessity for me and I am constantly looking for opportunities to do so. But changing in and out of my workout gear becomes a cumbersome activity for a lazy person like me plus it eats up on a lot of precious time, a luxury that I truly cannot afford.

So I do the next best thing – I make my workout wear work as hard outside the gym as inside it. I definitely need a little help to do so, and the help usually comes in the form of beautiful glittering jewellery. I was recently exposed to the gorgeous sparkling world of Swarovski and I was finally able to figure out what had been missing in my life for so long – stunning Swarovski jewellery. I always associated Swarovski with breath-taking figurines but their jewellery and watches are at a whole different level of evergreen elegance – drool worthy to say the least.

My Favourite Swarovski India Jewellery

In today’s post we take a look at some of my favourite Swarovski pieces that help me multitask and juggle life’s lemons while looking and feeling like a boss!


A statement Swarovski necklace can transform the most monotonous looks and the All Round Crystal necklace does just that – with its gold tones and a generous sprinkling of black and clear crystals, it is elegantly understated while making its presence felt.


The crystal dust Swarovski bracelets are perfect for any occasion, especially when you want to elevate a gym look, they are strong and sexy at the same time and make for the most insane kind of arm party.

Styling Swarovski Jewellery India

The crystaldust necklace choker, which I am wearing as a hairband, has a unique adjustable pulling closure mechanism that enhances its multitasking abilities – wear it as a choker, a bracelet or even a hairband.

Styling Swarovski Jewellery India

Once the sparkle and shine are taken care of, next I add a layer of clothing – a bomber jacket to run errands or a structured blazer for something more serious. I decided to add a structured sleeveless vest to look and feel a little more serious.

Next, switch up the gym shoes for a pair of street sneakers or heels, depending on what your day looks like. This one change can provide much needed respite from a complete head to toe ‘just out of gym’ look.

Styling Swarovski Jewellery India

Styling Swarovski Jewellery India

Styling Swarovski Jewellery India

Styling Swarovski Jewellery India

Styling Swarovski Jewellery India



With these few tips in mind you could you could take your gym wear absolutely everywhere.


Swarovski Jewellery Seen Here:

Swarovski Crystal Dust Bracelet

Swarovski Slake Stars Bracelet

Swarovski Crystal Dust Choker

Swarovski Moon Ring & Pear Set Ring

Swarovski All Round Crystal Necklace

Swarovski Peace Necklace

Swarovski Playful Lady Watch

Visit the Swarovski website to explore a world of brilliance:

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