VLCC Vampire Facials & Pizza After Ages

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I started blogging in 2012, almost 5 years ago, but the number of events that I have attended in these 5 years is low really really low, 3 or maybe 4. There are so many reasons for it, but really there is just one – I lacked the confidence. There is a certain level of confidence required to go out there, talk to people, interact, build relationships. My insecurities about every aspect of my personality and looks, kept me from putting myself out there. I told myself that I did not have the time or that there weren’t enough things happening in Pune, I gave myself many excuses, I even told myself that I did not enjoy doing things like this – RUBBISH!! utter rubbish!! I was trying very hard to fool myself, I tried my best to disguise my insecurities with creative excuses.

Vlogging In India

Then came 2017 and I decided that I needed to change things starting now, I needed to step outside my bubble aka my comfort zone, I needed to get uncomfortable and face my fears in 2017. If you have been following me for sometime now, I think you would have noticed a change around here (if you haven’t, then I am doing a terrible job). I started doing VLOGS on the youtube channel, there have been home tours and of course events – all of these required me to interact with real people, have face to face conversations and build relationships.

As it turns out I LOVEEE every bit of it – I love mention the people, talking to them, observing their every emotion, I love making friends beyond Facebook.


VLCC Vampire Facials and best pizza in pune

The most recent event that I attended was at VLCC, it was my first VLCC experience and an impressive one I must say. I enjoyed every bit of the VLCC pampering, education and healthy food spread, it was a lovely afternoon indeed, but what I loved most were the memorable interactions with some of the sweetest people and I do hope I run into them again.

Below is a fun VLOG of the entire day, it does include some Vampire talk and a delicious pizza too!!


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