Indian Closet Organization And How To Fold Indian Clothes

Indian Closet Organization And How To Fold Indian Clothes

Little while back I did a video on how I try and organise my cupboard, a lot of you commented that you had smaller closets and needed ideas on organising it. So this time I am going into someone elses closet – a very typical Indian closet, with shelves and tons of Indian kurtas and clothes.

The video does give you cleaning and organising tips but it also goes into great detail about how to fold your kurtas, salwars and pants. Like my previous video this one is also inspired by Marie Kondo and her method of organising your home.

I started out thinking that the whole process would take a couple of hours, but I was terribly mistaken, it took almost double the time, since I had to sort the clothes with her and then figure out how we could organise things in the most efficient and convenient way possible. Once it was all done, I was tremendously please with what we had achieved and how gorgeous the closet looked. I do hope that each time that closet is opened, it brings a smile on the face of the person opening it.

So I don’t really know what more to say…and I don’t really want to say things just to say them…so..lets get on with the video..

How To Organize Your Cupboard

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