Hello Spring, Hello Stunning Spring Jewellery

The cool evening spring breeze caresses the skin and the roses and summer blooms find a way into your hearts. Naturally it’s time for your cupboards to bid goodbye to winters too - woolen clothes are packed away and the spring wardrobe is unlocked. Tropical tees become the ultimate pick for the off-duty look and silk slip dresses become your besties for a summer evening appearance. But, the spring season is not just about making style statements with beach hair and frilly dresses, it is also the ideal time to boost your love for subtle glitter. Make room for red rubies and sparkling solitaires, in the trinket box to compliment the spring florals in your wardrobe.

Ruby Pendants To Add A Dash Of Delicate Colour

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Spring is synonymous with love and intimacy and when it’s the season to bask in romance, you just cannot say “no” to the charm of the ruby. Get your hands on the precious stone and step out in style. A ruby pendant set in gold is all that you need to let sparkle speak for your free-spirited personality. Wear it with a deep-neck top or a floral dress to don the look of the season.

Sparkling solitaires

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Diamonds are a girls best friend especially when the diamonds come in the form of a stunning star burst ring. CaratLane presents a bevy of starburst rings to choose from. Sparkling with enchanting stones, these ravishing rings will not only adore your fingers but also reflect the true self love. Wear it with just about anything to shine and sparkle while making a style statement.

Spring Blooms And Jewellery Blooms

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Spring is when tiny buds start to blossom and there is colour and beauty everywhere. Rose gold jewellery that gives you an even brighter reason to lap up the spring season. Rose gold jewellery is the right pick because of its evergreen charm. In sync with the style of the season, CaratLane presents this beautiful rose gold pendant. We suggest, you wear it with a white button down shirt for classic elegance.

Statement Gold Jewellery

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Spring arrives with new hopes and dreams and your persona should never lose its radiance too. If you are like to make a bold statement, then try a radiant gold piece of jewellery. This 18 Kt yellow gold necklace from the Radiance Collection at CaratLane can serve the diva in you. Diamonds studded all over the necklace further add to the glamour and make it ideal for occasions when you cannot compromise with anything less than perfect.

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Spring will come and go, but make a promise to yourself of never losing your inherent shine and strength. While fulfilling traditional roles as a mother, daughter, sister and wife, never stop being you. As a token of self-appreciation, keep this layered gold bracelet close to you always. This glittery gold bracelet is not just a masterpiece but is also a reflection of your never-ending zeal for success.

Splurge on these stunning spring jewellery designs unapologetically. It’s time to clear your wish list for the bling and beautiful with these stunning jewellery pieces from CaratLane.com.


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