Bhamthadi Jatra Pune : A Vlog

I am the daughter of an Army man and so proud of it. The army life if a bit of a nomads life, where every year or two you move bag and baggage to another army base – you leave behind your friends, school, teachers, familiar sights but you do take along with you the memories and the lessons learnt.

I spent most of my childhood in the north of the country – Udhampur, Rajori, Jammu, Delhi but Pune is the city that had the biggest impact on me and my life. Pune is the city I call home and the city that I love it with all my heart. Since I love it so much any opportunity to explore it, spend time with it and to get to know it better is something I lap up with greed and hunger.

The Bhimthadi Jatra is one such annual event, it gives an opportunity to immerse myself in the craft and culture of Mahatarhtra, Pune and the regions around Pune. The Bhimthadi Jatra is being held in Pune for the last 11 years and I have been visiting it for the last 6 years – every year it gets bigger and better.

Bhamthadi Jatra Pune : A Vlog

The Bhimthadi Jatra is a mela that I would recommend each and every one experience for themselves – there is shopping, gorgeous hand made products made by women, there is dancing, singing, a recreated tribal village, stories of success, entrepreneurship and tons of authentic Maharashtran cuisine  - steaming modaks, freshly made puran puris and an unending variety of Maharashtran food.

I can keep going on and on singing praises about the Bhimthadi Jatra, but I am sure you’d rather see it than read what I have to say.

Below is a Vlog of the day I spent at Bhimthadi Jatra Pune 2017.

All Pictures Shot By : Ron

Bhamthadi Jatra Pune : A Vlog Bhamthadi Jatra Pune : A Vlog Bhamthadi Jatra Pune : A Vlog

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