Yoga With Rimi Sodhi

Yoga – A New Beginning

This year I am trying to make friends with yoga. Yoga is known to have so many benefits – antiageing, glowing skin, vibrant health and so much more, so I thought I must start incorporating some of it in my life.

Gahhhh!! fine I will tell you the truth – it is instagram that is making me do this!. All those stunning women in the most outrageous poses – sometimes I have to flip my phone at various angles to figure out what is going on – they look calm and serene, healthy and flexible and all of that but most importantly the 1000′s of likes that they manage to get, phew! If this is what I have to do..well I will do it ;)

Weightloss Yoga For Beginners


Yoga For Health

No but seriously, I do get a lot of inspiration from instagram but I genuinely thing that yoga is the best way to enjoy health and vitality over a long time, my grandfather did it till he was over 90years old and I wish and hope that I can develop that kind of commitment towards yoga as well.

Since I am no yoga expert, I brought in my dear friend and trained yoga trainer Rimi to help me wet my toes in the ocean that yoga is. Some of you might remember the stunning Rimi from this post we did some time back.


Weightloss Yoga For Beginners


This Vinyasa yoga flow that Rimi takes us through is great fro beginners (there are modified versions) and for those that know their yoga A B C’s.

So lets not waste any time and get started with the 30min Vinyasa Yoga Flow with Rimi.

Vinyasa Yoga Flow For Weightloss And Muscle Tone

Full 30 min Follow Along Vinyasa Yoga Flow For Weightloss.

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