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Online Shopping India

For the last few years, I have been spending more and more time online which obviously means less time in the real offline world. So even when it comes to shopping, the sheer enormity of the variety of styles available and the discounts at which they are available is a big lure that draws me into the web of online shopping again and again.

On the other side, if you subscribe to my youtube channel and watch my videos, like the one on Marie Kondo cleaning, you know that I aim to be clean, organised and minimal too. Now, shopping and minimalism are like flip sides of a coin, they contradict each other and are constantly at loggerheads and I am constantly trying to find a balance between the two contradictory things that my heart desires.

I did shop the sales this January but I tried to be extremely mindful about my purchases. Before hitting the buy button I asked myself if I was giving into trends or discounts instead of listening to my heart and buying only that which really makes me happy. So this online shopping haul is definitely smaller than this one or even this one but it also is more thought through and includes only those things that truly excite me, things I cannot wait to wear and enjoy.

Sale Shopping Haul & New Online Shopping Site

One of the sites that I bought the most from this sale season is a new addition to my list of best Indian online shopping sites. Watch the video for my favourite sale shopping sites and to see all that I bought.

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