Kalamkari Saree And Gaon Ki Chori


I love my city Pune and I cannot imagine living anywhere else. The mind wanders and dreams of exploring new cities and walking down unknown paths but the heart always wishes to come back to the familiarity and comfort of home.

The only thing I do wish for is the sea, with a beautiful white beach where waves of pristine blue water can rest a few moments and caress my feet as the sand starts to slip beneath my toes. The sound of the waves, the salty breeze and beauty of water is something I miss in my city. Just one beach and it would have been PERFECT! I would never need to step on a plane.

Kalamkari Saree 100 Saree Pact

My strongest affirmations and deepest prayers cannot get the ocean closer to me, so I do what I can do, I try to befriend the rivers that meander along the length and breath of the city. They make for picturesque spots and it was a lot of fun shooting here, however shooting here is not for the faint hearted because the current state of these rivers can bring a tear to the eye. Unfortunate it is but also true, as you near the bank you are greeted by not a whiff of fresh are but a stench of sadness,  instead of pretty rocks to picnic on there are mountains of plastic bags and we had to really work hard to find a teeny tiny clean spot where we could stand and avoid all the plastic and rubble that surrounded us.

These rivers used to be the heart of the city, there are some beautiful historical monuments along these banks which stand testimony to glorious years when the rivers were worshiped and treated well. These days each time I drive over these rivers on extensive and elaborately designed bridges and flyovers I say a little prayer for us and for the river. I do what little I can to save them and preserve them.

Kalamkari Saree 100 Saree Pact

The 100 Saree Pact

Shooting with my sister Aditi is always fun, we never ever thought that we would get to do such things…to add to the fun, we had Ron with us, he was behind the camera and had the most dangerous job, trying to balance on one leg with camera in hand, so as to capture the prettiest shot while avoiding a pool of filth and plastic. It was fun nonetheless and we felt like ‘Gaon ki choris’ who had just stepped out to gather some water, wearing our kalamkari sarees and tribal jewellery.

Kalamkari Saree 100 Saree Pact

PHOTOGRAPHY : RON SHARMA https://www.instagram.com/ronsharma/

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