Vintage Home Decor : Mrs. Sonali Pingale’s Beautiful Indian Home Tour

An Indian Home Tour

A home is an extension of the people who dwell in it, every little corner and every wall says something about them, their personalities and their relationship. One of the perks of being a blogger is that I get to see some stunning homes and meet some amazing people, this is a perk that I am extremely grateful for. It is my line of work that gave me a chance to meet Shalaka (whose home tour you saw here) and her mother-in-law Mrs Sonali Pingale. Both ladies are incredibly talented, a store house of creativity, both have an eye for detail and both are the most warm and welcoming women I have come across. Needless to say, their homes reflect all this and so much more, every inch of Mrs. Sonali’s home left me gasping in disbelief – such is the beauty of her splendid home.

Indian Home Tour & Home Decor Ideas

Sonaliji has created a whole different world within her home and as soon as you step in, you step into a different era, a different time, a time when there were no boundaries of class, creed, religion or design aesthetics. All that matters to her is the love and beauty that she sees in each individual piece that she carefully curates for her home. She has collected distinct and rare pieces for over 40 years now, it has been a labour of love and in every corner of her home she displays this love with great pride and joy.

There is no complex algorithm that she follows while making her purchases, its all about love and a certain pull you feel towards things that are meant to be. There are pieces from across the country and the world, there are pieces from different eras too, there are things in her home that most would think don’t go together, but she makes it work – everything comes together beautifully because it is her love that binds it all.

When I asked her for tips, she said “forget about rules and experts, it is your home, it is an extension of you, just enjoy it, just have a good time. Even if you make mistakes, it is ok, it gives the house a personality that is distinctly yours.”

So don’t just keep your favourite purchases safe in a cupboard, take them out, put them on display, look at them every day, smile everyday and enjoy them.

Indian home decor Ideas

There are tons of beautiful Indian home decor ideas hidden in every nook and corner of this beautiful Indian home. It is like walking through an Indian vintage garden…I hope you enjoy the home tour.

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