The Only Cream That Worked For My Dry Skin

Dry Winter Skin

This winter has been insanely devastating  for my skin, even though Pune does not have a very intense winter. My skin has been dry, scaley, itchy, embarrassing, I have felt like a snake shedding skin by the kilo everyday and if that wasn’t enough I have been sprouting a new crop of acne breakouts every week or so. So you get the picture, right?

In such a situation, I did what any self respecting, youtube watching fashion blogger would do – buy the most recommended beauty products on the internet. I bought many products that promised to inject a massive dose of moisture to my dry parched skin, but unfortunately non of them worked. So I did the next thing any blogger would do – watch makeup videos and try to hide the problem under layers of makeup. But that did not work either, infact makeup made the whole situation much worse, it highlighted the dry patches and made them stand out more than ever. So none of the moisturising beauty and makeup products worked for me, they just left me more depressed, my wallet much lighter and my skin as dry as ever.

Moisturising Cream That Works For Dry Skin (India)

This until I finally found a fairly inexpensive cream that worked and worked well for my dry winter skin. It did not just work, it saved my skin and I could finally stop hiding in my bathroom.

Which cream is this? Watch the video for all the details on this cream for dry skin which has become my absolute favourite and for many more product recommendations and winter favourites including fashion, tea etc.

Winter Favourites

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