Table Styling With Ami Kothari

The Art Of Entertaining

One of the best ways to form a connection and a bond with someone is to invite them into your home and your life, to open the doors of your home and heart for them. Having someone over for a meal is the oldest and surest way to make someone feel special and warm. There is something that instantly changes once you allow someone to walk through the doors of your home – you make a way into their heart. An invitation becomes an opportunity for you to show that someone how much you love and care for them, an opportunity to make them feel special, loved and cared for.

The first thing we usually do while planning a dinner or a party is to plan the menu – we decide the drinks, the starters, the mains and the dessert. For some of us that is where the party planning ends, while for others that is where it begins and that is what separates a hostess with the mostest from us common mortals. There is a lot that can be done in order to make your guests feel special – yes beyond making their favourite dal.

Everything from the invites, the meal, the decor, the silverware, the flowers, the music and what you wear play a part in demonstrating and communicating your feelings towards the guest. It is the tiny little details that take an average dinner party a few thousand notches higher. The details are the things that make a party unforgettable and etched in memory.

 Table Styling With Ami Kothari

It took me a while to learn this but now I know for sure that entertaining with elegance is an art – an art that can become a wonderful tool to help build beautiful bonds of love and friendship. At around the same time, I happened to come across Ami Kothari’s workshop on table styling and entertaining, needless to say I was amused, curious and wanted to know so much more. It did not really work out then, but Ami decided to conduct a workshop in Pune in November and very kindly extended an invitation to me. I jumped at the opportunity and spent a lovely afternoon with Ami tearing through the little box in which I had confined my creativity. Ami is kind, soft-spoken, intensely creative, well dressed, fit and fashionable – a combination I absolutely love.

Table Styling with Ami Kothari workshop mumbaiami kothari table styling


Below is a glimpse of the afternoon I spent at Ami’s Table Styling Workshop

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