An Indian Home Tour : Shalaka’s Beautiful Indian Home

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A home is so much more than just four walls and a roof – it has personality, it has likes and dislikes, it has energy and to me a home talks too. A home says so much about the people that live in it and the relationships that it hones and nurtures within it. I love visiting the homes of friends and family. When someone opens the doors of their home and invites you to walk through, it almost feels like they are opening the doors to their heart and soul. So when Shalaka extended the invitation to me I was super excited and for good reason. Shalaka is half of the creative powerhouse behind Pune based lifestyle and home decor store Sanskriti. If you have ever visited the store you know that it is spectacular, it is more than a store, it is an experience. The Sanskriti lifestyle says surround yourself with beauty, enjoy every little thing and live every moment. If you have never visited the store, you could follow them on FACEBOOK or INSTAGRAM, until you get a chance to experience the store for yourself. Shalaka’s home is everything I expected it to be and so much more, just like her, it is warm, inviting, super organised, creative, modern, green, functional and beyond stunning in every way imaginable. She believes in enjoying her beautiful acquisitions, she believes in creating memories and savouring them and her home tells me that! Indian Home Tour : Indian Home Decor Tips Indian Home Tour : Indian Home Decor Tips Indian Home Tour : Indian Home Decor Tips Indian Home Tour : Indian Home Decor Tips

A Tour Of Shalaka’s Indian Home

From the moment I stepped out of the lift until days later the beauty of Shalaka and her home left me feeling heady with inspiration and good vibes. Beautiful spaces have that effect on me. On you too? Then don’t miss this video where Shalaka gives us a tour of her home and shares the wonderful little stories behind each nook and corner of her mesmerising space.

An Indian Home Tour Video

P.S. If you have a beautiful home or know someone who does and if you would like me to come over to enjoy your home, film it and maybe have a conversation over a cup of tea, please do get in touch or chat with me on Instagram

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