A Bedroom Makeover With Urbanladder.com

Walking into a beautiful, well put together and loved space has an instant blissful effect – it can calm the senses, soothe the nerves, permit one to exhale, to let go, to bring a smile, to feel warmth, to change the mood, to change perceptions and attitudes.

Hve you ever felt like you are stuck in a situation, where circumstances have got the better of you, where you cannot pull yourself out even if you tried? Have you ever wished for a change?

Have you ever thought “if only I could close my eyes and wake up to something new and beautiful..”

I know I have..

And whenever the thought crosses my fickle mind…I stop to take note..I drop everything else and stare at my surroundings…

I clean, organize and beautify my environment…I cannot tell you how much of a difference it makes.

If you wish to see change in your life

Start making some changes in your environment.

After-all your  inner state of life is a reflection of what and who you choose to surround yourself with.

This is why, I love nothing more that a makeover challenge, I love showing people and myself that no matter how big or small your space and budget might be, it can still look and feel extremely beautiful and blissful.

In this makeover challenge, I was given a teeny tiny budget and a ton of restrictions that I had to work around.

This is the BEFORE picture of the room:

Bedroom makeover India urban ladder

The only new things used were (all from urban ladder)

1. A bedsheet + 2 pillow cover set.

2. Cushions – on bed,  on seat , more

3. Curtains 

Watch the video below, to see the transformation. Let me just say that this has been the most satisfying project yet.

Bedroom makeover India urban ladderBedroom makeover India urban ladderBedroom makeover India urban ladderBedroom makeover India urban ladderBedroom makeover India urban ladder


Do let me know what you think of the makeover.




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