Gulabi Gulabo

Finding My Fashion

When I started blogging in 2012 I felt an immense pressure to follow trends, to shop trends and to keep up with the break neck speed of fleeting fashion’s evolution. I wore second skin like skinny pants when my heart yearned for pyjamas, I carried bright bags so that even if I failed my bag would succeed in making a statement. I sacrificed a little bit of me because I felt the need to fit into the blogger mould. I shopped from anywhere and everywhere, the quality did not matter, the fabric did not and neither did the wearability or utility matter, if I noticed a trend and could think of  a look with it, I had to have it. Obviously I ended up with a painfully bulging closet, a penniless wallet and invaluable time lost surfing and searching for blogger trends and cheap finds. I look back and regret the time and money lost but appreciate the valuable lessons learnt.

I learnt to un fashion fashion, to take a step back so I can stop spinning with the trends, to buy less, to wear more, to re-wear much more, to appreciate the finer details – the love that drenches each thread, the delicate handwork, the creative genius behind every pleat. I have made it a rule to buy only natural fabrics and to avoid fast fashion chains like the plague.

Fun Indian Fashion Brand : Gulabo

So, now I am constantly on the look out for meticulously designed local brands that promote natural local fabrics, artisans and art. Gulabo is one such beautiful brand that I have been following and falling in love with, they stand for everything I believe in while creating the most gorgeous garments and stunning designs.

I shot this over a rainy, cloudy and very grey weekend, no I am not complaining, I love being home and the rains and all the shades of grey, prove to be the perfect excuse to don some scarlet and sway to old rhythms of the heart.

Fun Indian Fashion Brands : Gulabo JaipurFun Indian Fashion Brands : Gulabo JaipurFun Indian Fashion Brands : Gulabo JaipurIndian Fashion Brands : Gulabo Jaipur


Kurta + Pajama : Gulabo Jaipur

Belt : Thrifty find

Jewellery : Maharani Baug


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