A Fish, A Dress And A Twirl

How To Wear A Shirt Dress

Clothes, like actors are versatile, pliable, expressive and possess an innate ability to transport the wearer and the observer to distant worlds, they can help you time travel, take you to an era gone by or to a mystical dimension from a figment of imagination. A garment can say so much about the wearer, even without uttering a single word.

Take a white shirt for example – simple, evergreen, multitasking maverick – it can be so many things to so many people, it can take on many roles and mould itself to the wearers personality. A crisp collar and neatly tucked in seam for the perfectionist, worn backwards by a trendy fashionista, layered over a  bikini by the boho babe or paired with pearls for the classic diva, the white shirt certainly seems to possess superpowers, but so do most garments.

Wearing And Rewearing 1 Dress

Having recently decided to give up on fast trendy fashion that is here today and gone tomorrow, I am constantly on the look out for pieces that are versatile, wearable and rewearable, garments that are made with thought, care and love. When I received this Brass Tacks dress, I fell in love with the simple silhouette, the muted colour, the unique print, patches sewn by hand and the fact that minimal electricity and automation is used to create it, but what I love the most was the fact that it has pockets – that is called thoughtful!!, my pebbles and clumsy hands now have a cosy home.

Though initially I could not think of many different ways of wearing the dress, when I did give it some thought the ideas flooded my imagination. The tough task then became narrowing down the three that I wanted to showcase here. After much deliberation, I picked my 3 favourites – the shirt dress for a Baraat, Brunch and Beach.

How to wear a shirt dressHow to wear a shirt dressHow to wear a shirt dressHow to wear a shirt dressHow to wear a shirt dress

3 Ways Of Wearing The Brass Tacks Collard Patch Shirt Dress

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Brass Tacks Dress : http://bit.ly/2apGglx

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