Reading Corner Makeover With Urban Ladder

Have I ever told you that homes speak to me?

I know you are rolling your eyes and thinking “weirdo, who speaks to homes, walls and roofs?”.

Awkward embarrassed silence…

I do. I seriously do and I enjoy it so much.

Room Decor : Urban Ladder sofa review


Sometimes when I am strolling down an unknown path, discovering little joys and adventurous detours, a bright blue door or an ornate French grill will beckon and try to lure me in, promising stories of years gone by.

There are times, when I walk through a door to be engulfed by a warm cozy feeling, the home tells me tales of generous loving owners.

At times I am struck by the beauty and perfection of an immaculately maintained home, which tells me about hardworking passionate homeowners who nurture their homes and their dreams with care and love.

Then there are some homes from which I hear cries of help and distress, filled with chaos and clutter these houses shed tears of sadness as they experience the distress in the lives of the people within.

Room Decor : Urban Ladder sofa review

Our homes and what we surround ourselves with are a reflection of our dreams and our future life.

So what have you surrounded yourself with – inspiration, joy and positivity or chaos, clutter and negativity?

A home impacts the lives of those who occupy it in more ways than you can imagine, which makes it imperative to love it and nurture it just as we would our children or our bodies.

Room Decor : Urban Ladder sofa review

My Makeover Project

Which is why I have decided to take on mini projects to upgrade my space so it can catch up with my dreams for the future, so it can inspire me and push me to take actions towards the life I dream of.

I am starting with this little corner where I spend so much time and intend to spend much more. This is where I read, where I write, where I dream and where I look for inspiration – it most definitely needed an upgrade.

After a few dreamy hours spent on pinterest, it was time to act and start putting things together.

Room Decor : Urban Ladder sofa review

The Urban Ladder Experience

Enter Urban Ladder, a portal that needs no introduction, having shopped from the site before I was very comfortable and excited at the prospect of choosing from their huge range of beautiful designs.

However picking a sofa is like getting married, it’s a huge commitment, one that you don’t want to feel stuck in for life. Urban Ladder understands this and to help make the decision easier they allow you to date before you commit to marriage, so they bring the sofa home so you can play with it – make sure it goes with your décor, your personality, the colour on the walls, the painting you just painted, test it for comfort and practicality, study every detail and commit only once you are certain. Cool!! Isn’t it? Leave nothing to chance and guesswork.

Room Decor : Urban Ladder sofa review

I picked the Morgen wing chair and a gorgeously textured plain grey carpet from the site to be the cornerstones of my reading corner; the rest as they say is history!

Room Decor : Urban Ladder sofa review


Then And Now

Urban Ladder Review

Since its arrival, the chair has become the center of my life and my home, I spend the wee hours of the morning embraced in its warmth, in quiet reflection and one sight of the chair in the evenings helps melt the stress away as I curl into it with a cup of tea and a bright book.

Room Decor : Urban Ladder sofa review

The chair is the perfect marriage of vintage and contemporary, its sleek minimal design, powder blue colour and the birds and blooms make it just right for the bohemian in me. The carpet is a beautiful texture under the feet – soft and luxurious, plus it makes for a brilliant background for my instagram flatlays J

 The Room Decor Project

All in all this entire exercise in upgrading my cozy corner has proved to be immensely satisfying and exciting, I am now eagerly looking forward to all the little projects I have lined up in the near future.

I also captured the entire process of this room decor makeover in this short fun video. Do have a look and enjoy..feel inspired :)







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