Lee Refresh The City

Lee Refresh The City

It’s a sweltering afternoon with the sun trying to test the limits of the city and its people, the air is dry, still and heavy, not a leaf moves, not a creature sings.

People go about their day with drenched brows, furrowed foreheads, parched throats and a prayer to refresh – refresh the city, refresh its people.

As I wipe away, for the hundredth time, the sweat trickling down my head and back, all I really want to do is hit the refresh button to my city, Pune.

Is there such a button?

Yes, kind of, sort of – it lies in the initiatives of the new Puneri breed and today we meet two of them.

Refresh The City – Refresh Pune

Two young girls who have taken it upon themselves to help refresh the city, to help it rewind and unwind, to help its people slow down enough to appreciate the little joys, joys in sitting still, stretching, feeling every inch of our bodies, eating, discovering new places, unearthing stories about the city and feeling the little joys of Pune’s fresh air and rich culinary history.

Refresh The City In Association With Lee

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This post has been brought to you in association with Lee and their refreshingly innovative campaign #RefreshTheCity. As a blogger, one of the biggest perks is an opportunity to interact with and think like some of the most successful brands. This opportunity becomes even more special when the brand uses its influence and reach to promote things beyond their own goods and services. The Lee Refresh The City is one such campaign, which features people who go out of their way to nurture their city, its people and their ideas. I am thrilled to be a part of the Lee #RefreshTheCity campaign and you could be too. If you would like to be featured or know someone who you think must be featured visit the Lee Refresh The City site here and spread the love, lets all take just a few moments to thank the cities we live in.

Refresh The City: Rimi Sodhi

Lee Refresh The City

Pune has been known as the Oxford of the East and now, has also turned into a fast growing IT hub. The fast pace of growth for the young city has brought with it some unfortunate traits. Turning the pages of the newspaper is a rude reminder of how stress and pressure are turning the city into an unrecognizable mess.

On days like these, it is refreshing to meet people like Rimi, who are on a mission – a mission to refresh the city.

Lee Refresh The City

I have the utmost respect and regard for Rimi, for so many reasons – her courage, to have left a safe job to follow her passion for yoga, her devotion to her craft and her desire to spread the message of yoga, meditation and nurturing the mind, body and soul.

“Pune is filled with IT professionals and young students, they all lead very stressful, fast paced lives and often resort to unhealthy addictions to deal with the pressures of everyday living. I take it as my mission to connect young Pune to the ancient traditions of yoga and meditation so that they can cope with the chaos that surrounds them and stay rooted.” Says Rimi.

Lee Refresh The City

The gorgeous Rimi carries her zen with her at all times and says that with some practice and devotion to yoga and meditation, we all can tap into the immense inner potential within us and emerge victorious over any situation that might be thrown at us. Not one to sit and wait, Rimi travels to all corners of the city, carrying along her zen den, conducting workshops in stress filled environments like schools, colleges and offices, to help people connect with themselves and with the universe. “A few minutes is all it takes” signs off Rimi and a few passionate people is all it takes for the city to breathe a fresh breath of air.

Rimi Images courtsey : KANAMI

Connect with Rimi on Instagram : @yoga_rimisodhi

Refresh The City: Aditi Bharadwaj

Lee Refresh The City

We celebrate with food, immerse our sorrows in food, we bond over food, we make memories around food, friends are often made around the food table and the most sizzling chemistry is often sparked by a beautiful meal. Our lives revolve around food – it can be a necessity, a comfort, a luxury or an unhealthy addiction. Over the last 5 years Pune has transformed from a city for the retired to one that is pulsing with energy 24*7. The food habits have changed too.The young population has grown up with super fast food that has no story or soul, they know nothing beyond it. This affects not just our health but that of the city too– local businesses cannot keep up with the deep pocketed western chains and suffocate in the process.

Lee Refresh The City

Aditi has taken it upon herself to refresh the city by keeping its healthy and hearty food traditions alive and she is doing it one walk at a time. Her food walks are customized to your personality and taste, she could take you on a day long discovery or a power packed one in a few hours, she could take you to legendary tea stalls or the historic bakeries hidden in the nooks and crannies of the city. With Aditi there is not a dull moment, as she regales you with fascinating facts about recipes and their owners.

Lee Refresh The City

“The people who enjoy the food walk the most are expatriates and young IT professionals, for them time is precious and they want the most value for it. They are busy and constantly on the go, the walk provides an opportunity for them to slow down, unwind and see a new side of the city they live in. They all leave with a new found appreciation for the city, its rich food traditions and history. They see Pune through a new window, one that allows them to bypass the high-rises and traffic, one that helps them look into the soul of the city.” says Aditi.

Aditi images courtesy the talented foodie : @ronsharma

Connect with Aditi on Instagram : @aditicooks

My entry for Lee #RefreshTheCity

Below is my entry for Lee #RefreshTheCity I hope you enjoy it.


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