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If you have been visiting the blog everyday or every other day or even once every ten days, in hope of a new blog post, or just anything new, then I owe you an apology. I am terribly sorry for having neglected the blog for a bit, its only because I had decided to put in all my energy and focus into my youtube channel. They say that the mind can only focus on one thing at a time and I have been guilty of being a bit of a scatter brain, I jump from one thing to another and am unable to give my all to any one thing.

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Between the blog, the youtube channel, my family, my workouts and my work, I found myself running around in circles all day long without having achieved anything concrete at all. I love all of these things and my head is bursting with hundreds of new ideas for each one of them but I just have not been able to do justice to any.

I recently read the book The One Thing by Gary Keller (See the summary here) and I realised that I needed to focus my mind and all my energy on one thing at a time. So I decided that atleast till July, Youtube will be my focus because I am totally obsessed with it, love my youtube binge watching sprees and love creating and sharing video content, it is such an immensely satisfying process.

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I would go to bed every night filled with the regret that I was ignoring my love and passion for video content, so I decided to stop everything else and just start creating, growing and loving my youtube channel. If you are not subscribed to the youtube channel, you are missing all the action..

Infact I now have 2 youtube channels

The English Lifestyle Channel : Looking Good Feeling Fab

New Videos : Cleaning & organising your home the Konmarie method

Closet organising tips & a look at my freshly organised closet

5 tips from Shilpa Shetty’s ‘The Great Indian Diet

5 tips for styling Salwaar Suits

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The Hindi Lifestyle Channel : Hindi Bindi

New Videos : Cleaning & organising your home the Konmarie method (in hindi)

Closet organising tips & a look at my freshly organised closet (in hindi)

5 tips from Shilpa Shetty’s ‘The Great Indian Diet’ (in hindi)

So please hop on over and subscribe now so that you don’t miss the action and so that you can help me reach my July youtube subscriber target :)

Top Indian fashion & lifestyle blogs

Does this mean that there will be no new content here on the blog? Absolutely not, this blog is my first love and I can never totally ignore it. You will definitely see new content here on a regular basis from now.

Also, I am headed off to the beach for a few days and hence you will be seeing a lot more of me on my Instagram feed…follow me so we can stay in touch :)

Lessons In Living

I am looking forward to my time on the beach, with sand between my toes, salty breeze in my hair and solitary moments to look within and reflect so I can share some powerful fun thoughts with you guys in the second “Lessons In Living” letter that goes out on 1st May. If you wish to receive “Lessons In Living” in your inbox once a month, please subscribe here.

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These are personal letters from me, so that we can get to know each other on a more intimate level.


  • Manpreet says:

    Youtube is a great platform and I believe almost every blogger these days is torn between the choice of continuing blogging or just focus on youtubing. Doing both is really tough, even for a full-time youtuber.
    I have heard about the book and its message on how one must focus on one thing. A lot of business coaches advise the same. Good luck with your Youtube channel.
    But keep one thing in mind… don’t let this blog die. This is the space you own while Youtube is something you don’t own. You can never have full control there. :)

    • I apologise for responding so late Manpreet..the blog has been ignored for a bit but I am going to take your words to heart and give it more love from now.Thank u so so so so much for this thoughtful comment..means so much thank u..hugs

  • Mahendar says:

    Helpful post ,..
    And nice pics

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