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For almost all of my life I have been a little lost, I have been searching for something that brings purpose and meaning to my life and everyday being – something that would feed my soul and my creativity while giving me an opportunity to contribute in a positive way to society. I have been hopelessly searching for my mission and a career that would be satisfying and enriching, I had been looking everywhere and exploring every alternative I come across, almost with a sense of urgency and desperation, but I found it no where. I tried a lot of careers and took up a lot of self assigned projects, I failed at some, sucked at some and abandoned the rest. It was the most frustrating and excruciatingly painful thing ever, until the idea of this blog came about. It still surprises me that almost 4 years later this blog is still alive and going strong.

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Looking Good Feeling Fab has since become an integral part of my life and my thought process. It is my creative outlet. A space that I have complete ownership of. This is where an introvert like me gets a chance to shed some inhibitions and connect with you. This is where I try new things and share them with you. This is my opportunity to dream. It is my motivation and so much more. However, of all the reasons that make this space special to me, the most gratifying and satisfying reason is the chance to make connections with some amazing and insanely talented women.

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Why Lessons In Living

Which is why I would like to take things a little further, let me tell you what I mean, let me tell you a bit more. I have always been completely honest on the blog, however I have exercised restraint. So many time I would like nothing more than to just burst out and tell you guys about my life, its ups and downs, stories I experience, things I observe and the lessons I learn, but I am a private person, shy and a little awkward, big gatherings make me curl up into a ball and hide behind anything, what I enjoy more are cozy one on one interactions where I really, actually get to know the person on the other end.

Which is why lessons in living.

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What is Lessons In Living

When you trust me with your email address by subscribing to my Lessons In Living email list, we start to have our own special private conversation. You will receive one or maybe two emails a month from me, in these emails we have heartfelt intimate conversations about life, its lessons, relationships, building them, spirituality, fitness, healthy eating, building a home, dreaming, setting goals, reading, learning, growing and building a life of our dreams one step at a time, one email at a time. Here I share exclusive thoughts, feelings, details and content that you will not find on the blog – pictures, videos, essays and more.

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I am so excited!!

I hope you will choose to share this journey with me

To subscribe to Lessons In Living visit        http://eepurl.com/bUM55X 

and then check your email and confirm the subscription. The first letter goes out on 1st April, 2016 and it feels like a brand new start.

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