Valentines Day : Gift Guide, Dessert and What I Have Learnt

Valentines Day : What I Know Now

In my 30 or so years on Earth, Valentines Day and I have shared phases of extreme love and hate, we have now made peace some where in between. There have been times when Valentines day meant butterflies in the stomach and silent wishful prayers that something special would happen (school days), then there were days when Valentines day would mean saree and rose day in college, which would invariable be destroyed by extremists and activists, after all those years of expectantly wishing and hoping, I decided that it was just easier to hate Valentines day.

Valentines Day : Gift Guide, Dessert and What I Have Learnt


When eventually God decided to be kind and I met my then boyfriend, now husband, things started to get a little interesting with Valentines day becoming an opportunity to create special memories.

With age came a little bit of maturity and I now know that the best way to treat Valentines day is to use it as a cue to express gratitude for all the love that surrounds me and to try and make the day just a tad bit special for those who love me – my family, my friends, you and me.

Valentines Day : Gift Guide, Dessert and What I Have Learnt

I have realised that to be able to love those in our lives to the best of our ability, it is important to first learn to love ourselves. So even if you do nothing else, I urge you to do these things for yourself, this Valentines Day (and since its a weekend, there is no room for excuses)

Valentines Day : To Do List

1. Dress up, look good and feel fabulous (this get ready with me video might help)

2. Put on a lipstick that makes you feel like a supermodel.

3. Get yourself a gift and thank yourself ( Our gift guide might help )

4. Write yourself a love letter, stamp it, post it, be surprised when you receive it and read it and feel each word.

5. Eat a beautiful dessert, a healthy one, nourish your body and indulge a little

I hope you have a tremendously memorable and life changing Valentines day.



Valentines Day Gift Guide

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