Pinterest Nail Hacks. Do They Work?? Video

Pinterest Hacks

There is a world out there – that has no ugliness and no negativity, it is filled with love, kindness, inspiration, hope, positivity, poetry and purity. Every now and then when I feel the need to get away from the realities of everyday life, I drift into this world and spend endless blissful hours dreaming, loving and weaving stories. This parallel world is my world on pinterest.

Isn’t Pinterest just so so amazing, filled with a wealth of information on just about anything and everything, if I want to redecorate my room I look for inspiration here, if I wish to travel I do so virtually through the exotic travel pins, if you are looking for constipation cures, you will find those here too.

If for some reason you have been living under a giant boulder of some sort, due to which you have not experienced the world of Pinterest yet, go do it now, here are some of my boards on fashion inspiration, decor ideas and Indian wedding exotica.

I have been pinning and saving things for years now, with the intention of someday trying these recipes, utilising these life changing hacks and travelling to these little known havens, but I have not tried even a single pin yet! yes!! not one!!

So I thought its high time I do and it ties in with my resolution to do more and waste less time on mindless strategizing. So I tried a few nail hacks and nail art pins and filmed it too.

Pinterest Nail Hacks. Do They Work??

Here is the video where I try and test some Pinterest pins and hacks for the nails. Filming this and trying these Pinterest pins was tremendous amount of fun and I hope you enjoy watching it.

Have you tried and Pinterest pins? Were they a hit or a miss?

Tell me all about your Pinterest experiments, I will be waiting :)

Putting Pinterest Nail Hacks To The Test

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