Layering Lessons

Layering Your Clothes

I love Summer dressing, its no fuss, easy and simple enough for even a style challenged, fashion ignorant person to mostly get right. If you have enough motor skills and coordination to slip on a simple white dress or shorts from when you were a kid you will seamlessly and elegantly wade your way through the summers.

Winter dressing on the other hand is a whole different ball game, it requires some skill, a lot of thought and considerable practice to get right on most occasions, unless of course God has injected into your blood stream some much coveted and rare streams of the style antidote, which allows you to throw together seemingly disjointed things and make it look like a match made in Heaven, yes, some people are unfairly blessed by God while others like me have to work hard at acquiring these skills.

Lessons On How To Layer Your Clothes

Learning To Layer Your Clothes Is Essential

Now why really is the ability to layer so important? Did you just ask that question? Yes, I can sometimes read your thoughts..

For so many reasons my dear Watson..

1. It could potentially save you some moolahh..which you could then use to buy that pair of Louboutain’s you have been ogling at from outside that glitzy display window, yeasss that much money!! How? By layering your summer wardrobe you could stretch it through most of winter with the addition of just a couple of coats or sweaters. Cool yeah!?

2. A girl who can layer is always prepared for impromptu awkward weather transitions – when a chilly morning turns into a warm afternoon and the mercury starts to rise  just peel off some layers and when that turns into a rainy evening add them back on. Never ever be caught off guard, layer and always stay prepared.

Lessons On How To Layer Your Clothes

3.  Winters are synonymous with hot cocoa and steaming cups of coffee, if you are not being seen with a cup full of these on all your social media platforms you are seriously missing out on some action, a ton of likes and thousands of followers. The perks of having hot chocolate are many and the downside only one – the inches added to the waistline or the hips. Layers provide an easy solution to this problem, body con dress..just throw on a trench coat over and watch the inches disappear.

4. If you haven’t had the chance to do your laundry, just throw on another layer, creates a pretty effective barrier for various odours while giving the illusion of a whole new wardrobe. After a night of intense partying if you had no chance to change into a fresh set of clothing, just throw on a layer and you are good to go.

So clearly the reasons to spend time trying to master the art of layering are many.

Lessons On How To Layer Your Clothes

5. However, on a more serious note, the most important reason to pay attention to layering because something about layering denotes power, authority and confidence. A guy in a three piece suite will always seem to have more authority than one in a vest. A lady in a pretty dress and a trench coat will always seem more classy and authoritative than one in shorts. So clearly there is some serious reason to layer well, especially at the work place.

I started to pay attention to the way I layer only recently, it is not something that comes easily to me but I am working towards it, carefully observing and emulating those lucky few who wear and pair anything with everything with such great ease that it pisses me off.

Let me know what you think of my experiment with layering..I will be waiting to hear from you.


Wearing :

Maxi Dress : NUN Jabong

Leather Jacket : Dubai

Scarf : Studio Lotos

My Lessons In Layering

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