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My preferred way to spend the weekends is to sit cozy in my bed, put my headphones on and soak in enriching information through the innumerable youtube videos that are available for instant and free consumption. Some videos add a sense of urgency to my life while others help me get more organized, some videos inspire me to workout while others help me eat better, no matter what you wish to learn there is a video just for you, and then once you have learnt it, there will be a video to help you do it better.

Indian Fusion Wear & Building Relationships

This weekend I saw a lot of videos, even saw the movie The Good Dinosaur with the kids, but one video stayed stuck in my head, I kept thinking about it and how it applied to me, I could relate to it 100%.

The video is a TEDx talk by magician Brian Miller, about magically making a connection with anyone, it is about taking on the other persons perspective – visually and emotionally. Now I totally relate to this video because…

Indian Fusion Wear & Building Relationships

I am not the best at making contacts and building a network, I become shy and awkward in social situations that are around unfamiliar people and places. I keep wondering how people around will interpret and judge me through my interaction, will they think I am stupid or dumb or weird, the fear can get so over powering that it keeps me absolutely quiet through the most intense conversations. Staying silent to prevent an embarrassing or dumb moment does not really help because silence is anyway interpreted as lack of intelligence or arrogance.

Indian Fusion Wear & Building Relationships

The Art Of Building Relationships

Through careful observation and painfully slow evolution I have learnt to become a little less awkward and a little more confident in my social interactions. The easiest way is to take on the other persons perspective, to see the world through their eyes..and Brian Miller tells us exactly how.


He says ASK and LISTEN. The easiest way to understand a person is to ask them about them and their life. However, the more important thing is to listen, so often I do the right thing by asking the right questions, however I don’t focus on the listening bit, I am hearing the person talk but I am not really listening, instead, I am listening to the chatter in my head, where I am either planning my next ‘intelligent’ question or I am thinking about ways that I can cut the conversation and start talking about myself.

Listening is an art, one that I need to perfect, if I ever wish to have and hold on to meaningful relationships..

Indian Fusion Wear & Building Relationships


Blue Dress : Myntra

Blue Skirt : Old

Belt : Chemistry (thrifty roadside find)

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