Antiageing Antioxidant Vegetable Juice Recipe

Healthy Breakfast Juice

For a few months I have been having a delicious fruit smoothie for breakfast, its quick, its simple, its sexy, delicious and when you put it in a cute mason jar it makes it all the more cooler and a total instagram star. I was feeling elated having acquired such a ‘healthy habit’ but the euphoria was short lived. I soon realised that this amazing but sugar and carbs rich delight could actually be the devil in disguise especially since I was trying to shed those stubborn few pounds.

So I decide to change things around and that meant saying goodbye to this breakfast tradition I had created and enjoyed for a few months. Please note, I did not stop eating fruits, I just stopped having this smoothie which packed in a ton of fruit ( banana + apple + pear +  more fruits) and along with it sugar. Instead I would have a whole fruit whenever I fancied it.

Antiageing Vegetable Juice Recipe

Antioxidant Vegetable Juice

A vacuum had been created and the void needed to be filled, so in came my vegetable juice. It took some time to get used to the juice and also to get the combination right, but I finally did. I started having this yummy antioxidant rich vegetable juice every morning and never looked back. I feel light, healthy and grateful each time I have the juice and on some days when I skip it I tend to really miss it too.

This juice is filled with antioxidants which along with other benefits are antiageing. The vegetable juice is also loaded with plant based Vitamins and Minerals and Fibre, it is alkalising and can do amazing things for the skin and the body. Having a vegetable juice in the morning can help boost metabolism and over all health.

Antioxidant Alkalising Vegetable Juice

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