Why I Needed A Break Guiltfree

A Break From Fashion Blogging

This post comes after a gap of a month, the longest pause this space has witnessed since its inception.

As I type out this first post of 2016 I am consumed with feelings of excitement, exhilaration, energy and joy at the prospect of whats to come. This much needed break has helped shed some light on my doubt filled mind which constantly seems to be in overdrive, scheming, plotting and asking me tough questions that I have no answers to – “where is this all headed?”, “is this really what you want to do?”, “What is your vision?” and then of course as if mockingly trying to answer it all, my mind would say “look at ***, *****, ******** and… they are 21 and look where they are, they each have over 100k followers on instagram, even if they were to post a picture of themselves sitting on the pot, it would be stylish, it would go viral and would easily get a few thousand likes.

Indian Fashion: Styling Maxi Skirts

Clearly I am far far behind, sometimes that reality would make me feel like doing whatever it takes to catch up and on other occasions I would just want to give up. A clear solid vision was definitely missing and I felt like a headless chicken constantly running, constantly trying to get someplace, but not knowing where that ‘place’ exactly was. Have you ever felt that way?

Indian Fashion: Styling Maxi Skirts

So I took a break, not just any kind of break, a GUILTFREE break, where I do not worry about how far ahead others would would reach, how many more followers *** would gain or how the dip in the google analytics graph would look to potential sponsors, I just wriggled my toes, read a book and gorged on sweet oranges while soaking in the sun.

Indian Fashion: Styling Maxi Skirts

Do It Guiltfree

I thought a lot and managed to narrow down the things that made me truly happy, I also think I now have a clearer idea of why I blog and what I would like it to grow into. I am so glad I took this break and maybe it is something I ought to do every now and then, infact I think that everyone should take a GUILTFREE break ever so often, it helps to realign focus and bring in a better stronger perspective. The key though is to do it without any feeling of guilt and without constantly feeling like you are missing out.

Indian Fashion: Styling Maxi Skirts

When was the last time you took a GUILTFREE break? When was the last time you slowed down enough to pay gratitude for all the little but beautiful things around you? Tell me all about it, I can’t wait to hear.

Fashion And Outfit Breakdown

As for this look and the outfit details..

Indian Fashion: Styling Maxi Skirts

We shot this on a confusing fall morning when one second we felt the chill in the air while the very next second the mornings warmth enveloped us. The canopy of Banana leaves proved to be the perfect setting for this melancholy and inward looking look that we were trying to create, it provided a bit of a vintage setting for a contemporary look with this denim maxi skirt, white t-shirt and banjara jewellery.

Maxi Skirt : Myntra Tokyo Talkies

T-Shirt : Old, local store

Wedge Heels : Malini Ramani for Bata

Belt : Thrifty local find

Jewellery : Maharani Baug



  • Deepa says:

    So nice that you took a break to get out of the endless cycle of cyclic thinking.
    The pressures of social media can be daunting and I have been going through it myself lately. I am not in your field but I have varied interests which I pursue and looking at others kind of made me loose the perspective of why I do what I do. I did not go on a actual break per say but took some break from social media to look within. I spend a lot of time thinking and contemplating. It helps.

    • It so totally helps, spending time with yourself, spending time alone thinking is so important. It sometimes becomes so important to look at things from a different perspective…What are your varied interests and how did your break go? tell me all about it…love xoxo

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