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Trench Coat : The History

Nations have history, buildings have history, religions have it and families have it as well, history has always fascinated me, so I cannot help but delve into the history of garments too. The more history and stories they bring with them, the more appealing they become to me.

It is so fascinating to unearth the origins of a piece and then follow its journey of transformation as it transitions through the various eras. Lets take the trenchcoat for example – it is a fashionable way to layer but it also is a garment that is steeped in a fascinating history and heritage.

Trench Coat Style

The coat was originally worn by army officers of a certain rank only, they were used in the trenches of the First World War, hence the name.  It is because of its deep connection to the army that the trenchcoat has tremendous attention to detail, the durable fabric, the many metallic buttons, deep buttoned pockets, self-belted waists, shoulder straps and wrist straps with buckles. The trench coat still remains a very versatile fashion favourite which adds glamour and whispers understated elegance, it lends drama, mystery or ruggedness depending on what the wearer demands from it, such is its versatility.

Styling A Trench Coat, Indian Fashion blog

The coat that has the spotlight on it today, is an olive colour trench like coat, I say trench like because it looks and feels a lot like a trench coat, but is missing some details which are essential in a trench coat. Olive is the colour of the season, it is everywhere and has pretty much established itself as a colour to be reckoned with, it might not be colour of the year, but it does come close.

We style the trench like coat three ways to demonstrate its versatility and wearability -

The casual trench coat : Worn with laid back cotton pants, a t-shirt and sneakers, it is casual, chic and comfortable.

Styling A Trench Coat, Indian Fashion blog

The dressed up trench coat : Worn with a little red dress, leopard print heels, the olive from the trench adds visual and textural interest.

The desi trench coat : Paired with an elegant chiffon saree, the trench adds an old world regality to the look, it carelessly whispers modern maharani.

The Trench Like Coat Styled 3 Ways : Video

I hope you enjoyed the quick and simple video, do let me know which your favourite look was..

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