Low Calorie Buckwheat And Vegetable Idli Recipe

Learning To Eat Healthy

As a child I had no concept of eating healthy or consciously, samosas, french fries and burgers were my favourite food and when I saw them, I would not stop till the plate was empty; so much for portion control.

Today things are very different, for the last five years or more I have been fascinated by the trends and fads in the healthy eating domain - vegetarian to vegan to raw vegan to fruit based or starch based, people all over the world were starting to make their food choices and starting to think about what they were feeding their bodies.

I was enjoying following the changing trends, I was experimenting every now and then, I was pinning gorgeous recipes but most ingredients were either not available or my very desi taste buds would outright reject those foreign flavours and ingredients. So I decided to try and trick my fussy tastebuds by giving videsi ingredients a very desi twist, sharing one such recipe today – BUCKWHEAT IDLIS

Low Calorie Buckwheat Idli : Video Recipe

Buckwheat Idli

Buckwheat is an ancient European gluten free grain which was also cultivated in China in the 13th century. From Europe it spread to USA and now has finally reached Indian shores. Buckwheat is easily available online and if you are in Pune you can pick it up from Dorabjees.

Buckwheat is extremely low in calories (a cup would contain just about 155 calories), it is rich in fibre (10gm in every 100gm), gluten free, rich in protein, amino acids and a lot of minerals (magnesium, phosphorus, potassium). Consuming this grain like seed has proved to have a number of health benefits, fibre from the cereal grain is protective against breast cancer, extremely beneficial to the cardiovascular system and has as much benefit as consuming vegetables.

Low Calorie Buckwheat Idli : Video Recipe

Clearly a lot of reasons to give Buckwheat a try and these delicious and beautiful buckwheat and vegetable idlis will ensure that you never look back. These have become my absolute favourite things to eat, so much so that I start to carve them every other day.

Buckwheat And Vegetable Idlis Video

Give the recipe a go and I am sure you will be left obsessed too. If you do try them, post a picture and tag me, I would love to see :)

Buckwheat Vegetable Healthy Idli

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