Manish Arora Leggings 5 Ways

Manish Arora Leggings 5 Ways

Very often some exceptionally gorgeous pieces of clothing lie unused in my closet – sometimes I am saving them for an apt occasion and sometimes the piece is so stunning that I just don’t know how to pair it without being overwhelmed or underwhelmed by it.

These Manish Arora leggings are one such example, they have been sitting pretty in my closet for months, mostly because I just could not think of ways of pairing them and allowing them to shine all at the same time.

Manish Arora Leggings 5 Ways

Style Remix :  Manish Arora Leggings


Since December is the perfect time to start making some changes I decided to start tackling some tricky pieces in the ‘STYLE REMIX’ youtube series on my channel. Style Remix is where I will be picking up one item of clothing or an accessory, I will then wear and pair this focal piece in multiple ways, creating a few unique looks. Hopefully it will help us all get creative with our wardrobes and help us find new ways of wearing, pairing and rewearing our investment and statement pieces.

Manish Arora Leggings 5 Ways

Starting December off with this pair of statement making, head turning Manish Arora leggings. In this video I have tried to create 3 dressy looks and 2 casual everyday looks, proving to myself that once you start to get creative each wardrobe holds tremendous potential.

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If you try one of these looks please do tag me so I can share your looks too.

Outfit Details

Look 1

Kurta : Westside

Booties :

Earrings : Maharani Baug

Look 2 :

Maxi Dress worn as jacket : Flipkart (old)

Heels : Zara

Earrings : Maharani Baug

Look 3 :

Top : Local Pune Store (MG Road)

Heels : Guess

Earrings : Blur Accessories

Look 4 :

Dress (worn as top) : Myntra (Femella)

Shoes : Bargain buy Pune

Look 5:

Hi Low Top : Custom Made

Shoes : USA Local store




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