The Key To Living A Beautiful Life

Living with gratitude

I often experience these bouts of self pity, self sympathy and sadness – sympathising with yourself and engaging with your own self created sad story can sometimes feel good, dangerously good, even addictive and very very convincing. Once this convincing story casts its spell and spins its web, its starts to become deceptively real and extremely hard to break out of and there in lies the danger..

It is at times like these when thanksgiving becomes essential for the soul to stay strong. Thanksgiving day has just gone by, a day celebrated with immense tradition and seriousness in the USA. There is a lot of history attached with the day – the turkey, the meal, the togetherness the family time, but I don’t know too much, all I know is that ‘thanksgiving’ as a ritual appeals a lot to me. Making thanksgiving and gratitude a part of everyday life is the surest way to keep life energy positive and moving in the right direction.

Focus On Gratitude

Irrespective of what is going on in our lives, there always is something to be grateful for, some tiny thing the we are overlooking, that we are taking for granted. If only we start showing gratitude for that tiny thing, start focussing on that tiny bright spark instead of the darkness that surrounds it, things are sure to get better.

Living with gratitude



Living with gratitude

I am grateful for..

This day, the fact that I am here today..for health, for family, for love, for the education I received and that I am receiving everyday, for support, for friends, for this blog (my haven and creative outlet), for you,  for freedom and for so many more things that I take for granted. Today I stop to take note, to appreciate and to say a prayer of gratitude.

Thank you for being here, for your time and for sharing these thoughts with me. Thank you.

The art of living a beautiful life lies in living it with gratitude.




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