Fall Fallacy

Fall In Bolgosphere

All over blogosphere bloggers, youtubers and the fashion forward brigade are layering up in cozy knits, tough leather jackets, sensuous knee high boots, faux fur and turtle necks. I spend a lot of time online which is why I have started to believe that fashionable fall is here and it will start to snow just about anytime now, creating the perfect pristine white Christmas.


Fall Winter Fashion Must-have : Waterfall Cardigan

So I follow the cues provided by all my cyber mates from around the globe, pull out my winter wardrobe and start planning posts to celebrate the winter festive time. My absolute favourite piece is this waterfall sweater, with just a hint of shimmer. It is versatile and lends itself beautifully to just about any kind of outfit. Each time I put it on I feel strong, confident and unabashedly sophisticated.


I love this combination, the bootleg jeans with a bit of the 70’s vibe, the waterfall sweater with its bohemian sophistication and the booties which are a rare combination of comfort and style. The first 5 mins in this outfit felt divine, I was dancing around with a spring in my feet, but by minute 5.5 I was hot, sweaty, cranky and swearing at all those bloggers who convinced me that winter is here.


This shoot was wrapped up in a record 7 mins and the last 2 mins my photographer was scared for her life.

So while layering and playing with coats and cardigans is fun, I am not really promoting it, unless its cold enough where you are. Don’t go by what I or other bloggers are wearing, do take the time to step out and fell the air before you decide to add the layer (ahh!! It rhymes too)

Fall Fashion Layering

So all in all, Pune has not seen any signs of winter yet, if you time your morning right and step out precisely between 5am and 5:10am the weather Gods might fool you into believing that fall is just about here…but don’t be fooled just yet!

On Vacation


On a slightly different note, I just wanted to let you guys know that I have decided to take a 10 day GUILTFREE break from blogging. I feel like I just need to slow down and take the time to think, plan and set goals for the year to come. Happy holidays, merry Christmas, and a gorgeous new year.

I will see you on the other side, in a brand new year with brand new hopes and dreams..




Jeans : Victoria Beckham

Waterfall Cardigan : Westside 

Booties : Promod

Bag : Armani Jeans

Jewellery : Maharani Baug

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