Vacation Time

An Indian Beach Vacation

Hi guys. It feels like ages since I last spoke to you!

Even though it might seem like I had put the blog on ignore mode, it really has been constantly consuming my mind. I have been thinking about how I can add more value and what I can do to stay true to my passion and to the things I love – I have come up with a few ideas, made a few commitments in my heart and I am really hoping that I can stick to this plan my heart and mind have woven together.

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A Mothers Vacation

For the last couple of weeks the kids have been off from school for Diwali, which means a lot of chaos, disrupted schedules, fire crackers, play dates and of course a vacation. ‘Vacation‘ the word has this innate ability to conjure up the most pleasant and beautiful images in the mind – it takes some people to the beach, with golden sand beneath the toes, the sound of waves crashing against the shore and the sunlight dancing on the surface of a yummy cocktail in a glistening tall glass; it takes some to the mountains, lush greenery for as far as the eyes can see, chirping birds and murmuring streams; some instantly hit the most intense adventure trail to experience a surge of adrenalin rush. A vacation means different things to different people but for most people vacation means a time of stress free relaxation, a time to unwind and slow down.

Indian mom & lifestyle blog

Yeah right!!! Ask a mom of a new born or a toddler and she will tell you how a vacation is just the opposite for her. With 2 young and demanding kids, a vacation is anything but a time to unwind for me. It starts in the morning, getting them to brush and do the basics requires tremendous amount of coercion, pleading, convincing, negotiating and when nothing else works some blackmailing. Breakfast, lunch and dinner are times that test my patience, between trying to get some food into their tummies and sprinting from one end of the restaurant to the other saving glassware from being smashed into pieces, I am left totally exhausted.

The rest of the day is spent changing in and out of swimwear, lugging floats and boats to the pool and back, ensuring no one disappears with one of the waves at the beach and trying to contain reluctant free spirits. All i want to do is close my eyes, lay down and listen to the waves – all i hear is screams and complains of how the siblings are pulling each others hair!!

Indian mom & lifestyle blog

Don’t get me wrong, I still love my vacations with the kids, these are memories I will cherish for a lifetime and I am sure I will one day close my eyes on a quiet beach and dream of the kids running around screaming and me running after them, I know I will look back at these days with fondness, the kids grow up so fast that I already find myself missing the days when they were tinier…

I do love my vacations with my kids but it isn’t easy by any means, its hard work but so totally worth it :)

What did you do these holidays? Has your idea of a vacation changed over time? Tell me everything, I want to hear it all..

India Beach Vacation : Radisson Blu Mahabalipuram

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A little bit about the vacation itself.

We stayed at the Radisson Blu in Mahabalipuram which is an hours drive from Chennai airport. Most part of our holiday was spent in the meandering pool, which is huge, warm and inviting, dotted with fragrant Frangipani flowers which the breeze gently drops onto the surface of the blue water. The rest of the day was spent consuming the lavish buffets made especially memorable thanks to the warm heartfelt service we received from Mr. Guru, the pristine beach and lazing in our gorgeous villa.

The evening waves brought with them tiny shimmering fish, that got washed away to the shore, I had never seen anything like it before. Everyone person present at the beach scooped up as many fish as possible from the sand and left them back in the water as they gasped to breathe and swam away. The kids and me will never forget the sight and the delight.

Indian mom & lifestyle blog

The hotel is specially lovely for kids, there is a lot to keep them entertained and the staff is exceptionally hospitable and co-operative, willing to bend backward to ensure the guests have a memorable stay.


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