Picking The Right Watch To Gift Your Man

How To Go About Gifting A Fossil To Your Man

A luxe watch is one of the most elegant accessories that any man will ever own. Buying a watch can be a lifetime investment and that’s why it’s important that you go in for the right brand. Fossil is a versatile brand that offers exquisite watches for every kind of style while keeping abreast of current trends.

Brushing up on the basics of horology will help you buy the right timepiece. So, before you take the big plunge, here’s what you should keep in mind.

Will It Break The Bank?

With so many watches available at stores and on e-commerce sites, the hunt for a perfect watch can be a daunting task. So, before you venture out, make sure that you set a budget for yourself. Once you do that, it’s easy to narrow down your choices based on which collections fall within your budget. Keeping this in mind will help you save time. For instance, the starting price of a basic Fossil watches for men on Ethos Watches is approximately INR 6,000. More elaborate timepieces can be priced at up to INR 20,000, depending upon the style you opt for.

how to pick the right watch to gift your man

What Type Of Watch Should You Pick?

Every occasion demands its own unique timepiece. And the material is an important factor that will determine the wearability and durability of a watch. Some common materials include canvas, steel, ceramic, resin, plastic, gold, silver, and titanium. Gold, silver, and titanium render a sleek and sophisticated look to any watch and are great for a more formal setting. Canvas and plastic are more suitable for casual ventures because of their high resistance to water and enhanced durability in rugged conditions.

Quartz Or Automatic?

While Quartz watches are classic designs that have been around for centuries, automatic watches definitely dominate the market. Quartz watches have to be wound manually and will cost you approximately INR 7,000 to 16,000. The automatic ones are charged with the motion of the wearer’s hand and are more popular with the current crop of watch enthusiasts. Fossil watches with automatic movement will cost you upwards of INR 12,000.

Analog Or Digital?

Analog watches have a dial with hour and seconds hands while the digital watches have a numerical display. If you’re going in for a watch with a sporty look then opting for a digital watch is a great idea as they have additional technological features. If you want a timepiece that gels well with a formal setting, then you should opt for an analog watch.

how to pick the right watch to gift your man

Why Size Matters

There’s no perfect watch size. Go in for a dial and strap size that will flatter your man’s wrist. Watches with a case that is larger than 45mm will look good on men with large wrists. You can opt for dials sized at 33mm or lower if he has thin wrists. Also, the thickness of the case affects the overall appeal of the watch. Watches with a thickness of 10mm or less sit well within a cuff while a 15mm thick case would look completely out of place with a formal shirt.

Water Resistant Or Waterproof?

What you need to understand here is that water resistant doesn’t mean waterproof. It’s more like an insurance against an unexpected rainstorm than a dip in the pool. So, you can select an appropriate atm based on your projected usage. For instance, any watch with 1 atm has poor water resistance and should be completely kept away from water. A 20 atm watch would be ideal if you plan to participate in any high-intensity water sports.

What Are The Ideal Add-ons?

Watches today do more than just display time. They are more versatile, functional, and engaging than before. Timers, stopwatches, GPS tracking, distance and lap measurement, and other technological applications are regular features of a digital watch. Some analog watches also sport features like timers and stopwatch features.

How Important Is Choosing The Right Brand?

Brands not only help determine the style of the watch but also its features. Opting for Fossil watches for men will upgrade the value of your man’s watch collection. With exquisite watches that are both debonair and interesting, a Fossil watch is a must-have accessory for any fashion forward man.

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