Manifesting Change

The Law Of Attraction

Whenever I feel like my spirit and soul need a little bit of inspiration and a dose of positive energy, I pick up a book that talks about the power and potential inherent within us, books like The Secret, Magic, Law Of Attraction etc. The underlying concept in each of these books is that you are the ultimate creator and have the power to create your own reality – now this is a very empowering thought, one I wish to keep dominant in my mind and my life. I have gone far beyond the phase of doubting and questioning these concepts because so many times in my life I have experienced their truth, I am convinced beyond a shred of doubt that to a large extent we create our reality through the thoughts we think and the things we choose to focus on. Having been convinced of this the question now is that how can you deliberately and purposefully create a life you want. Here is where these books and workshops come into play, I read them and learn so much from each one of them, some point out my mistakes while others help me think of things I had never before considered. This whole exercise leaves me feeling so empowered that I thought that I must share some of what I learn and in the process learn it better myself. Like Phil Collins said ” In learning you will teach and in teaching you will learn.” I am calling this series ‘Notes To Myself’ because I don’t know how many of you will watch it and I don’t know how many of you will find it useful and yet the universe seems to be pushing me in this direction. No matter how logically I try and think about it and no matter how much I try to stop myself from making these videos the urge remains undying and only seems to get stronger, and so I resist no more and instead I choose to trust the Universe and give in.

Manifesting Change – Mike Dooley

In the video today I talk about my learnings from the book Manifesting Change by Mike Dooley. The book is refreshingly different from any other book I have read on the topic and I highly recommend that you pick it up and give it a read. Of all the ahhha moments I had while reading the book, 3 stood out.


1. The Cursed Hows: He says that thinking about the hows attached to your dreams is a waste of time and energy , the end result is likely to leave you feeling negative. However, in no way is he implying that inactivity and laziness is the way to your dreams, all he says is that at times when the ‘how’ to your goal looks hazy, blocked or impossible, don’t let thinking about it bog you down, instead just take tiny steps that you see before you, trust the universe and when you are ready the answer to your ‘how’ will appear in the most unexpected way possible.

2. Stay Open : Attach yourself to the emotions and feelings that you wish to feel and not to the material things that you believe will bring those to your life. Eg Attach yourself to emotions of love, security, caring, sharing, nurturing and companionship that you wish to feel through a relationship instead of attaching yourself to a person. The universe know much better than you and me, who the right person is for you and who is most likely to bring those emotions and feelings in your life. Stay open to the infinite possibility of the Universe.

3. Tiny Steps : Although your dream might seem like a distant, remote and impossible dream with a tough and treacherous path leading to it, the important thing is to take time steps each day. Do what you can do today to the best of your ability, it might seem insignificant in the bigger scheme of things but you will be surprised. The point is to keep moving and to keep putting your best foot forward each day and a simple smooth shortcut might magically appear just when you are ready for it.

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