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I am a bit of a spiritual junkie, often I like to sit alone and think about life, its purpose, feelings, emotions, beliefs, the mind and its immense complexity. The more I ask myself these questions and the more I seek answers and the more I am convinced that the purpose of living is to be happy.

Happiness is a state of mind, it really is ALL in the mind. At any given point in time there are as many things to be happy and grateful for as there are things to be unhappy and upset about. Happiness lies in the choices we make and the things we choose to focus on. I am trying to train my mind to focus on the beauty in my life instead of the unpleasantness, to be grateful for the blessings and be blind to the problems.

The mind is complex and plays tricks with me, it tries to push me off the path I have chosen, it tests and tempts me and I need to constantly be aware, alert and come up with ingenious ways to keep myself focused on everything that is right in my life.

So while the festivals and holidays are a time for celebration, togetherness and family it also ends up being the time when emotions are raked out and negativity needs to be kept in check. Each time I would find my head starting a negative chatter I knew I needed to shoot it down instantly before it takes me down with it.

So I made myself a plan, I would look at the golden light from all the diyas around me, close my eyes and bathe myself in the light, feel the light flowing through me – out with the negativity and in with the positivity.

On reading this some of you might think less of me, but I will be the first to accept that I am not perfect and the struggle to stay happy and true to myself is a constant one for me.

However, the more I become aware and the more I keep tabs on my thoughts the easier it gets. Even if I do start to go down the negative path, I do tiny things to help me crawl back up – I listen to great music, light a candle, dance a little or just close my eyes and say a little prayer. If nothing else works, I have an honest, heart to heart chat with the person involved or with myself..

Top Indian fashion bloggers

Top Indian fashion bloggersTop Indian fashion bloggersTop Indian fashion bloggers

The Outfit & The Fashion

So while shooting this maxi dress, I wanted to play with the beautiful, healing golden light, that was streaming in from everywhere. I wanted to bathe myself in the light and pass some on to each one of you. May you have the most wonderful and prosperous year ahead. May you find your happiness and keep it close to your heart forever.

Top Indian fashion bloggers


Maxi Dress :

Shrug : Custom Made

Earrings : Aara By Avantika

Hair Clip : Maharani Baug

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