Ice Queen With ASUS ZENFONE2

For the inspired, inspiration is a constant companion, they find it in the most uninspiring of things, they could write a sonnet on a crow, turn waste into sought after art and turn tragedy into fortune just through words. For common mortals like me, inspiration is hard to find and creative block is an everyday phenomenon. I could be in the presence of much beauty and be completely oblivious to the inspiration all around, I could go with a magnifying glass in hand looking for inspiration and yet not find it. I could spend considerable time deep in meditation, inhaling exotic incense sticks, preparing my mind for inspiration to strike and yet when I sit before of a computer I draw a blank.


The ASUS Zenfone2 Inspiration

Only something of remarkable beauty and utility can stir emotions deep within and bring out the inspiration and creativity I ache for. In a world where inspiration is hard to find the ASUS team challenged me to come up with a look inspired by one of their phones, “ughhh” I thought ” fashion inspiration from a monotonous, piece of technology!, what inspiration can I find from a black, white or silver coloured rectangle” I was ready to turn down the challenge, even without a thought, but they urged me to have a look at their phones before I said no.

So I did, just to be able to say “I told you, a piece a black metal aint giving me no inspiration” but wooooohaaaaaa what I saw blew my mind!! I found my inspiration in each one of their phones from the fusion and illusion series, the ombre and 3 dimensional are more stylish and better dressed than any recent runway collection I have seen. I could have done a look inspired by each one of these phones but I picked the one I have lovingly come to call “Ice Queen”, one look at the phone and I was transported to the glaciers, the cool snow and the deceptively beautiful ice.


I have experienced the ASUS before here and was extremely impressed by its technological capabilities, now I have been swept off my feet by its inspiring appearance, it definitely comes across as a breath of fresh air, the ‘beauty with brains’ in a crowded world of mobile phones where you are forced to choose either technology or looks.

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Win an ASUS Zenfone2

To add to all the fun ASUS is running an exciting contest in which you get to give your creativity a platform and design a cover for the ASUS Zenfone. It is an easy and very thrilling experience to see your work of art or picture get converted into a phone cover, you could also win an ASUS Zenfone or other equally amazing goodies, every week!!

Enter the ASUS Zenfone2 contest here

My ASUS Zenfone2 Case Design


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