Time For Inner Change

A Saree Story : Time For Quiet Determinations

The last few weeks have been a complete blur, feels like I have been to the moon and back, spinning like a top. There was Diwali – the cleaning, the shopping, the feasting, the attempts at restraining, the pujas, the parties, the lights, family, friends, the wishes and so much more that comes with the biggest Indian festival, add to it a vacation, a day trip, a visit to the grandparents and the kids being home 24*7. It has been pretty intense and time seems to have flown away. By the time the kids finish their holidays, I feel the need for a vacation.

100 saree pact

Now that the schools have started and my life seems to be limping back to normalcy, I feel gripped by a little fear and a sense of urgency. Let me tell you why, I had plans for the festive season, I wanted to do an intense deep cleaning of my home, my space, my life and my spirit – I wanted to throw out the clutter, meditate, focus on the things that are important to me, create a few posts and videos and so much more, but time seems to have played a stealthy game of catch with me – I kept trying to catch up with my plans and my intentions and time kept running farther away, faster than ever.

It has made me realise that I need to plan things better and be better organised. I realised that i tend to have big plans for myself, I have lofty goals but I spend much of my time planning, feeling inspired (aka watching youtube videos and reading other blogs and books) however I don’t get down to executing my plans. My plans are big but my deliverables are zero and I procrastinate till a point of no return.

100 saree pact

100 saree pact

At the end of the day I am filled with a lot of regret and that really is not a good space to be in. Just like Diwali (an opportunity for a fresh new start) came and went, I know for a fact that New Years will be here before I know it. I would like to make some major changes in my life and how I utilise my time, I would like to be prepared to greet the new year, I would like to set myself up for success before the start of 2016, I would like it to be a year of no regret. One year from now I hope to look back at this post and feel proud of making some much needed changes in myself. It is going to be a fight against my mind and old habits, but I am willing to fight – if not now then when.

How do you organise your life and your day? Any tips for getting more done each day?

100 saree pact

100 saree pact100 Saree Pact

In this post I keep the promise I made to do more saree posts so that I start to feel more comfortable and confident in them. Wearing one of my mothers old sarees, draped in a fuss free almost carefully careless manner perfect for a fall morning spent bathing under the warmth of the sun.

Saree : Moms treasure

Jewellery : Maharani Baug




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