Sanskriti Night Bazaar, Pune

It is around this time of the year that things start to get truly bright, festive and interesting. You know a festival is around the corner when stores, exhibitions and bazaars begin popping up all over the city. I love a good festive pop up shop – it provides respite from shopping at the monotonous malls and online portals, it provides much needed newness and an opportunity to explore brands, labels and all the creativity they bring with them.
The one Pune bazaar that tops my must visit list is the Sanskriti Late Night Bazaar – it isn’t just a shopping experience, it is an experience for all the senses, providing an oasis of calm and an opportunity to soak in the festive spirit while being surrounded with the frenzy that a festival like Diwali brings with it.
diwali shopping sanskriti pune
The entire store is covered with a veil of glimmering fairy lights and bright colours. Going through the door into the vintage colonial bungalow is like stepping into an era gone by, there are manicured gardens and rooms that stand like islands amidst these gardens, within each room a surprise awaits – within one room is a treasure of the most exotic jewellery, fit for a queen, in another you find the most fun apparel created from traditional fabrics but designed to be contemporary and wearable. At the Sanskriti Bazaar a surprise awaits at every corner and as you wander unravelling the layers and exploring the wares on display, you are sure to get lost in all that it has to offer.
diwali shopping sanskriti pune
Sanskrti Lifestyle is hosting its 10th Late Night Bazaar.If you are looking for quality,beautiful statement furniture pieces or home decor then a visit to Sanskriti is a must.They have a wide variety of elegant sofa,four poster beds,cabinets,wardrobe and accent pieces in Burma Teak,Rosewood and Reclaimed wood. Their collection of accessories in a mix of brass ware,wood and metal in both traditional and contemporary design, which make excellent gifts.To salute Diwali-the festival of lights they have a new range of lights in brass,glass,wood and the handmade “Akash-Kindil”.Browse through their beautifully landscaped garden and shop with participants displaying clothes,jewellery in silver,gold and antique,bags, soft furnishing,home decor and Turkish pottery.Rediscover the spirit of shopping and enjoy gourmet food amidst the stunning ambiance created by Sanskriti Lifestyle especially for your experience.
diwali shopping sanskriti pune
The bazaar is on 30,31 October and 1 November at Sanskriti Lifestyle, opp Post 91 Restaurant, FP 390, Lane No 7, Koregaon Park; Contact: 9552565030; Timings: 10:30 a.m to 10 p.m.



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