My Saree Pact

My Saree Sari Story

I have always loved the timeless elegance of a saree, it is a garment that is so simple in its essence and yet so versatile, capable of chameleon like transformations, depending on what the wearer’s mood and personality demand from it.

My undying love for the saree has been like that of a hopeless but invisible lover, obsessing over his object of affection but from a distance, separated by the miles that his fear of rejection puts between him and his lover.

Styling A Saree Sari

As a little girl I watched with intense concentration as my mother carefully draped herself in a silky mauve saree, skillfully tucking and precisely pleating the yards of elegance that were lovingly handed down to her by my grandmother.

Styling A Saree Sari

Saree Style

Even today I let out a sigh each time I see women carrying a saree with poise and grace, sometimes I find them at construction sites with a heavy load oh their heads and a resilient pallu tucked at the waist, sometimes I find them at Royal residences, the delicate chiffon covering the heads and pretty jewels gleaming from where ever they can peek, I find them on the busy streets with bags full of household essentials and a baby tucked at the arm, they make the saree a part of them, they make it look easy and effortless, they make it look beautiful.

Styling A Saree Sari

Each time I see them, I think “ I must wear sarees more often” so I buy some more sarees, make some more blouses, create some more master plans, until one day the opportunity to wear a saree presents itself, and then I run away and hide, my heart wants to wear that saree but my mind gives me a 100 reasons to not wear it.

Once the occasion slips by I think, “ I must not wait for an occasion, instead I should create my own occasions to wear one”, shopping, tea, brunch, school runs, a saree is always apt. Right?

Styling A Saree Sari

So I am doing what I always do when I want to make a change in my life – I start with the saree pact begins here – starting now you will see a lot more saree’s here, I am hoping that the more I wear them, the more comfortable and confident I will begin to feel in them.

Do you have this discreet lover kind of relationship with any piece of clothing? Tell me all about it…

Styling A Saree Sari

Styling A Saree Sari


  • Deepa says:

    That is a beautiful saree and narration. Where is this saree from?

    I love sarees too. I bought sarees 2 years back when I got married. I had no clue about anything before that. I am glad I did not shop much for my wedding and wearing a few different pieces made me realize what I really enjoy myself in. I love my cottons as much as I love my silks. I did not know how to tie a saree but thanks to youtube it is slowly sinking in. :-)

  • In india, saree always follow the fashion, design may vary time to time. It is a garment that is so simple in its essence and yet so versatile. Thanks for such a nice post, keep sharing.

  • Sweta says:

    Hi Abhilasha, liked ur custom made blouse. I stay in pune, it will be helpful,if you could share from where u got this blouse stiched

  • Sruthi Gupta says:

    Beautiful narration! I love wearing Sarees too. It is one versatile outfit that has been impressing women for generations.

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