Katrina + Vogue = Inspiration

On many past occasions, I have expressed my displeasure and disappointment at the very evident Photoshop modifications and enhancements that are on display on most fashion magazine covers. We all do things to look better – makeup, shapewear, getting into which is a workout in itself, high heels that could make anyone scream in pain, we all do it, but photoshopping gorgeous women to fit a commercial mould of perfection, feels just so wrong.

Katrina, Vogue India Fashion Inspiration

Which is why the September Vogue cover, featuring Katrina was such a refreshing change, it had this fresh, grungy and raw appeal to it that was mysterious and instantly alluring.

Katrina, Vogue India Fashion Inspiration

The cover got me inspired and impatient to try and recreate the mood in my own twisted way. Now I know, I am not Katrina, hell!! that girl could look great in a thrash bag, but that does not stop me from trying to be..

Katrina, Vogue India Fashion Inspiration

There was so much perfection in the tiny, seemingly imperfect details – the hair – thank God every little baby hair had not been glued to the head, the jewellery – for once India’s tribal craft was the hero and not blinding humongous diamonds, the clothes – easy breezy and so wearable and versatile.

Katrina, Vogue India Fashion Inspiration

This festive season lets shun perfection and instead embrace our not so perfect lives, families, jobs, bodies and relationships, lets celebrate them and be grateful for the present moment..

Katrina, Vogue India Fashion Inspiration


Palazzo Pants : Global Desi

Crop Top : Vajor

Jewellery & Bag : Maharani Baug (instagram here)

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