Rani Pink

100 saree pact

I hope you had  a lovely Dussehra leading into a wonderful weekend. Dussehra to me is the official start to the festive season – I can smell it in the air and feel it all around me, the firecrackers begin the make themselves heard and the kitchens start to buzz with activity. I love this time of the year.

I also love it for another reason, it is the birthday month, I get a year older and that number keeps getting bigger, but I pay no attention to it, instead I focus on the gifts, the cake and the wisdom I am accumulating along the way (hopefully). I also tend to do a little introspection and as it turns out, I think I have been focussing on all the wrong things, so a long list of resolutions has been made…now the tough job of sticking to them..

The colour of celebration for me has always been one, just one, no matter how much I try to veer myself away from it, it pulls me, attracts me and draws me in until I can resist no more. You will find this colour as you go around the colour wheel, you cross the colours of the ocean and just are things start to brighter with the shades of vermillion you find this perfect combination of pink and purple pigments which I like to call RaniPink.

I am a colour person and this rani pink happens to be right on top of my list of favourites. Another thing that I love is digging into my moms closet and pulling out the most divine vintage sarees that she keeps hidden on the deep end of her shelf. There is something so stunning about vintage sarees and silks, they drape so beautifully around the body, the prints are striking and the colour combinations work like a magic spell. You just don’t get them like this anymore and that makes me cherish my moms treasures exponentially more.

My mom never really wore too many sarees, but that did not stop her from buying them and saving them all for me..and now I do the same, but I am trying my best to wear them and enjoy them as much as I can before I pass them on to my daughter.

100 saree pact

100 saree pact100 saree pact100 saree pact100 saree pact


Saree : Vinatge

Blouse : Stitched (last seen here)

Bag : Maharani Baug



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  • tarry says:

    Rani pink or magenta is a colour which I feel is truly Indian an justifies the essence of being indian. And on you, this colour looks regal. Loved the post

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