Studiowest Makeup Tutorial & Review

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I absolutely and completely love Westside, it is the hopeless kind of true love you come across very rarely these days, but can you blame me? Everything they do these days is so chic, stylish, elegant and trendy, all that at mind boggling prices and without compromising on quality.

Every now and then, when I feel the need for some quick cardio or a little pick me up I head to Westside for a stroll or some retail therapy, I never leave empty handed, that goes without saying.

Studiowest Makeup Tutorial & Review

So when they launched a line of makeup and cosmetics under the brand name Studiowest, I was the first to jump and get myself some Studiowest makeup (I reviewed it here).

Studiowest Makeup

Studiowest makeup tutorial & review

A few days back Studiowest started a beauty fest of gigantic proportions to celebrate the art of makeup and everything was all bright, beautiful, colourful and fragrant.

I have to tell you that makeup and I are just starting to become friends, I have only recently understood just how empowering just a little makeup can be, it has the ability to transform and transcend any insecurity that might dwell deep within us. Though I think that we should all wear our skin with great pride and confidence a little help by way of makeup can never go wrong.

To help spread the joy of makeup, Studiowest sent over a box full of Studiowest goodies to experience and play with…

Studiowest Makeup Review

Here are my top 3 products from the box that they sent over.

1. The Foundation 

I loved it for its texture, ease of use and the perfection with which it matches my skin. It provides coverage without feeling   too heavy and cakey.

Score : 4.5/5 (I have deducted .5, because my bottle pump refused to work even after pumping it a 100 times, eventually had to open the screw cap) but the golden liquid inside is divine and I would buy this again in a heartbeat.

Price : Rs 550

Studiowest Makeup Tutorial & Review

2. The Eyeshadow Palette

I loved the bronze, gold and brown palette, the colours are well pigmented and so versatile – you could use it to fill your brows and even for a bit of contouring.

Score : 5/5

Price : Rs 425

3. The Lipsticks

Lipsticks have been my introduction to the world of makeup and I have loved them ever since. I loved all 4 of the Studiowest lipsticks I tried.

Chubby Stick : Feels so so so good on the lips and provides a lovely sheen on the lips. Highly recommend.

Long Lasting : Does last really really long, very well pigmented and moisturises the lips.

Score 5/5

Below is a video that documents a step by step guide to creating a pretty everyday makeup look using Studiowest Makeup products.




Maxi Dress : Westside

Makeup : Studiowest by Westside








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