Delhi Diary

Delhi ahh Delhi, I love the way the sound of this city rings in my ear and instantly brings to surface a whiff of memories and nostalgia – 7 cousins playing in one tiny garden, winter morning walks with my grandmother, chaat at sweets corner, chole bhature, endless window shopping sprees, chilly nights filled with warm conversations and days filled with explorations, fights and hugs.

Delhi Street style

All through my school years, Delhi is where all my summer and winter holidays were spent, which is why I have always associated Delhi with fun and excitement.

Delhi Street style

So when the kids had a few days of holidays last week, it seemed like the perfect window of opportunity to revisit Delhi after almost 5 years. So I packed our bags, a ton of excitement and left for dear Dilli, the first thing that struck me on landing was the heat, the intense heat which seemed to intensify further during our 2 day day in the city.

Delhi Street style

Inspite of the heat playing spoilsport, I did try to revisit the Delhi of my childhood. The legendary Delhi Zoo, thrilled the kids and left them squealing with delight as they watched the hippo shit and the tiger stroll and roar. It was very satisfying to see the excitement on their faces and answer their curious questions, however the zoo left us exhausted, red faced, dripping in sweat and desperate for a buggy to take us to the exit.

Delhi Street style

The Delhi food and people were as warm, as yummy and as legendary as ever. Although circumstances and situations all made it extremely difficult to stray from the plan, but I did manage to squeeze in an hour at my favourite place Dilli Haat. Dilli Haat is what I call heaven on Earth, so much beauty all around that I find it hard to decide where to look and what to see, handcrafted brilliance from across the country all brought under one roof – such a delight for all the senses.

Delhi Street style

I did not get a chance to shop a lot and that fact haunts me every night, but thank God, I at least brought back a souvenir – this kurta, block printed by hand, pretty colours, delicate thread work, great price and sold by the makers themselves, I could not have come up with a better way to shop.

Kurta : Delhi Haat

Skirt : Old Jabong

Bag & Jewellery : Maharani Baug

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