Style Story Rimi Nayak

Style Story With Indian Designer Rimi Nayak

I sit by the window watching the raindrops being greeted by the moist Earth, the trees swaying and the leaves enjoying their shower beneath the grey sky, the steam from my tea mug swirls and loops and it takes me back to a time not long ago..

A time when a new blogger with barely any following and dismal numbers reached out to a young talented designer, with an impressive body of work and requested an interview. Surprisingly, she graciously agreed to do that interview and what a humbling experience it was. The blogger was me and the designer – Rimi Nayak.

Vogue Fashion Fund Finalist Rimi Nayak

Vogue Fashion Fund Top 20, 2015 - Rimi Nayak

That was almost 2 years ago, a lot of things have changed and yet a lot remains the same, Rimi Nayak is now amongst Indian top 20 designers shortlisted for  the very prestigious Vogue Fashion Fund, but still remains as warm and humble as ever. When Rimi brought up the idea of a collaboration I pounced on it and never gave her a change to have any second thoughts. Very soon her gorgeous garments were in my hands and what a delight it was to experience her creative genius with all of my senses.

Vogue Fashion Fund Finalist Rimi Nayak

The fabric is exquisite, the colours divine, the prints inspiring and the details took my breath away, just the act of slipping into Rimi’s expression of art felt like a transformation, I felt a little more confident, a little more brave and so much more adventurous.

Very aptly, we took this sense of adventure and decided to venture into the forest for this shoot. The world wrapped around me, I decided to take it for a stroll deep inside the lush forest which had grown a green carpet thanks to the rains. The shoot became even more special because for the first time in years, my sister and I were captured in the same frame by the very talented Pinaki. All these years, since I have been blogging, it has either been me or my sister, Aditi, being the camera, so this shoot has been extra special for both of us.

Vogue Fashion Fund Finalist Rimi Nayak

Rimi’s prints inspire me to travel and create memories that I will cherish for a lifetime and the Bengali typography that has become synonymous with Rimi Nayak designs add a subtle hint of romance, the gold tipped and pleated collar take the word ‘detail’ to a whole new level, the bundles of delicate thread stitched on the blouse, create a perfect harmony of order and disorder, the back created with a criss cross of thin strips of fabric and the knotted sleeves on the dress are all proof of Rimi’s design genius.

Vogue Fashion Fund Finalist Rimi Nayak

I would like to wish Rimi a ton of luck for an exciting journey that awaits and I would like to thank Pinaki for capturing and unforgettable memory for both Aditi and I.

Vogue Fashion Fund Finalist Rimi Nayak

You can see more of Pinaki’s work here, he is a brilliant photographer and a wonderful person to work with, he would love to capture memories of your special occasions (weddings, birthdays and other functions) so you to cherish them for a lifetime.

On Abhilasha

Saree & blouse :Rimi Nayak

On Aditi

Shirt Dress : Rimi Nayak;  Jewellery : Maharani Baug


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