Rimi Sodhi – The Yogini

A bohemian soul who loves coming home, a yogini with a soul of gold, she listens to her heart and helps others do the same…presenting Rimi Sodhi.

The time I spent with Rimi shooting this post and talking to her were some of the most delightful moments ever, she is so easy to be with, so gorgeous to look at, so patient to work with, so creative and so lovely to talk to…so I will let her do the rest of the talking :)

Street style and yoga India with Rimi Sodhi

Who is Rimi? Tell us a little about her..

I am a RYT 200 hour certified hatha yoga teacher passionate about helping people grow, connect and feel inspired. Teaching yoga & meditation has become an essential part of my journey providing and has provided me the tools to ignite a harmonious connection of mind, body and breath.

How did yoga come into your life?

Before yoga a lot of other things happened in my life which made me realise that it is high time I start doing something that I really love. I have known for a very long time that I am not the 9-5 kinda person, so a lot of self-questioning, self-interrogation, self-reflecting, trials and errors finally led me to my true love and passion – yoga. I always had a strong desire to help people through my work and now I see myself doing that as a Yoga Teacher.

Street style and yoga India with Rimi Sodhi

Has the practice of yoga changed you as a person?

Definitely, a long way to go though hahah. Its work in progress. But the one major shift I’ve seen in myself is my attitude of judging people, I personally feel that I was a very judgmental person but my yoga practice has helped me accept people just the way they are.

You spent a few gruelling months learning and perfecting your yoga practice, what did that time teach you?

For 2 months I lived at the Sivananda Ashram in Madurai and what a beautiful journey it was. During my stay at the ashram I met some of the most amazing people in my life and also the best teacher I could have asked for.
We practiced asanas for 4 hours daily, had Bhagvad Gita lessons, Vedanta lessons, morning and evening Satsang and meditation, it truly was a life-transforming journey. My biggest take away from this life transforming experience was learning the art of trusting life, having patience and always keep a smile on.

Street style and yoga India with Rimi Sodhi

Tell us about a few of your favourite things.

I love love love to sing, dance, read (non-fiction), meet new people, cooking, eating – I am a complete foodie.

What does fashion mean to you?

Oh I love fashion, my personal style is very casual, easy and effortless. I may not follow the latest trends and styles but I love the art of dressing up.

Street style and yoga India with Rimi Sodhi

A beauty ritual you follow?

Applying kajal, I never step out without it.

What do yogis eat?

So yogis are suppose to follow a lacto-vegetarian diet but I have been eating non-veg since childhood, so I have not given it up yet, not even thought about it. I follow a very simple diet where I enjoy home cooked meals made with love.

You can know more about Rimi Sodhi Yoga here : https://www.facebook.com/rimisodhiyoga

Makeup Credits : Simran Pahilani

All Jewellery : Maharani Baug ( https://www.facebook.com/maharanibaug1?fref=ts )

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